Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I was expecting morning sickness when I got pregnant, but what I was not prepared for was the extremity of HG! I started being sick around week 6 and finally fading around week 20!

I knew pretty early on that this was no ‘morning sickness’. The relentless vomiting would not stop and I tried everything; dry crackers, ginger, sour ice lollies, sea sickness bands & any other old wives tales I could get my hands on, but nothing put an end to it. For 3 solid weeks I could not work, I could not keep any food down, even watching an advert on tv that showed food made me vomit once! I got to the point where I didn’t want to eat – I didn’t see the point as it was going to come back up anyway!

I ended up not being able to keep water down & that’s when my loving fiancé & my mum dragged me off to A&E. I spent a night in hospital having several rehydration drips as I was severely dehydrated, had ++++ketones in my urine (basically meaning my fat stores we depleted and my body began to eat itself).

The hospital have me cyclizine injections and that made the sickness subside. I was allowed home & given cyclizine to take 3 x per day – initially they didn’t stop the sickness altogether but made it a more ‘normal’ level of sickness enabling at least to work again. By week 20 the sickness had completely gone & then I made up for lost time & finally began eating for two!

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