Are Clarks children’s shoes and boots a necessity or a luxury?

This has to be one of THE most debated parenting topics in our family!

I have to say until a month ago I thought ‘It really doesn’t matter where Miss H’s shoes come from as long as they fit’ my husband agreed. My mum on the other hand has always been a vehement supporter of Clarks – I have excitedly showed her many a new pair of Miss H’s shoes that we thought looked pretty only for her to tut ‘they’re not from Clarks, that baby needs proper shoes!’.  My mum is convinced that because her parents couldn’t afford Clarks shoes it exasperated her hammer toes and made them worse; she, therefore, would only ever let me wear Clarks shoes.

Until last month I genuinely couldn’t see what all the fuss was about…I always took Miss H to Clarks to be measured then trawled the high street for shoes in her size; I thought this was enough that they had been properly measured.  Then a couple of weeks ago my friend thought her child was waking awkwardly; it turned out that the ‘high street’ shoes were not doing his feet any good – that got me thinking – hmmm maybe mum was right, maybe Clarks are worth the extra cost after all!

In the same week, I was offered a complementary pair of boots to try by Clarks; I gladly accepted.  We went along to the store to get Lilys feet measured and ensure the boots I had chosen were a perfect fit -having never previously purchased from Clarks I didn’t realise how much care they took over actually ensuring the children left with the right fit for their feet – I always assumed that once they were measured and you choose shoes you were done – not so, the lady checked the fit in length and breadth, got my daughter walking up and down the store to ensure the fit was perfect.

 The boots have a beautiful rabbit design on them which Lily loves!

Whilst in the store Miss H spotted the trainers, her current trainers were branded, but in the back of my mind I now had that nagging feeling that I couldn’t ensure the fit was perfect and I doubted that the trainer was as well crafted and supportive as the Clarks trainers; so Miss H tried a pair on – she immediately fell in love with a pair that had lights in the sole and lit up when she run!

It is now 2 weeks since we purchased Miss H’s trainers and boots and they are both still in absolutely perfect condition – largely I imagine due to the shoe protection spray the lady in store had recommended.  The branded trainers had not lasted a few days without the leather wrinkling and scratching.

If you asked me know what my answer is to the question are Clarks shoes a necessity or a luxury my answer would be a resounding 100% necessity – Clarks will definitely be my first port of call for all Miss H’s everyday footwear!

Disclaimer: I was given these Free to review; in no way has this affected my view of the product.

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7 thoughts on “Are Clarks children’s shoes and boots a necessity or a luxury?

  1. @happymummy Post author

    Yes they are fab, now I’ve tried them I won’t go back to high street shoes for Lily!

  2. Jenni

    We love Clarks shoes here and Boo has had them for the most part – I really like the care that they take to measure and the range too

  3. @happymummy Post author

    I remember going there as a kid too…there an institution lol x

  4. @happymummy Post author

    Lily absolutely loved them until she grew out of them! Whenever anyone said ohhh I like your trainers she would do a dance to set the lights off 🙂 She then moved on to the Ice Cream Doodles…which were a huge hit, now shes on Purple doodles that you can wear in the sea – just in time for holiday!! x

  5. Sarah

    I think Clarks is like a rite of passage. I still remember going to get my shoes from Clarks and the thrill of the foot measurer. I was actually a bit envious of the boy having his feet measured I used to love it that much. I’ll stop now I’m sounding like a weirdo #TriedTested

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