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[AD] Baby Born Sister Doll Review

We were given the Baby Born Sister Doll to review.  The Doll retails at £44.99 and comes beautifully presented in a box with all her accessories (I would have loved a picture of the box but Miss H was far too busy ripping it on in eagerness to get to the doll!!)

The Baby Born Sister Doll is like a little toddler; she can stand, she cries tears, she comes with a drinks bottle, a bracelet for herself and one for your child, she has hair & comes fully equipped with a hairbrush, hairbands and hair clips.  She can also have a bath which is great fun for your child!

The Baby Born Sister Doll is the same height as the Baby Born Baby Dolls, this is brilliant because it means if you already have clothes for The Baby Born Baby Doll you don’t have to buy a whole new set for the Sister; hats off to Zapf Creation for this as it would have been very easy for them to make her taller thus requiring a whole new wardrobe!

The Baby Born Sister Doll was a huge instant hit with Miss H; one of the first things she likes to do every morning is restyle The Baby Born Sister Doll’s hair for the day 🙂

Baby Born Sister
Miss H loves the fact that this doll has removable shoes, she spends hours taking them off and then trying to get them back on again!

Miss H loves the fact that The Baby Born Sister Doll is more grown up than the baby dolls she has, she definitely finds it easier to create more imaginary play scenarios for this doll as she is like a little girl rather than just a baby.

The Baby Born Sister Doll has provided hours of entertainment for Miss H so far; accompanying her into the bath, the paddling pool and on days out!

Miss H usually hates getting dressed in the morning and more often than not runs off; but I find if I undress the doll the night before and lay her clothes out next to Miss H’s, she actually enjoys getting dressed rather than seeing it as a chore!!

I would definitely recommend this doll.

Disclaimer: We were given this product free in exchange for a review; nonetheless the opinions are my own.


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