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[AD] 10 She Shed Ideas – How to design a perfect she shed!

I’ve thought a lot about having a She Shed over the years and how it would look inside.  Recently Taskers commissioned me to write a piece about how I would design the perfect she shed.  Here are my 10 She Shed Ideas – I think these would make the perfect space that could easily transition from work space to relaxation space – what do you think?

  1. Soundproofing:
    I am not a fan of external noise, I like to concentrate 100% on whatever I’m doing so the first thing my she shed would have is Soundproofing!  It would be lovely to have a quiet space to whenever I wanted to!
  2. Climate Control:
    I would want to be able to use a She Shed all year round.  I would love it to have an air-conditioning unit to keep it lovely and cool in Summer; it would be amazing to have somewhere to just sit and read a book and chill when it is really hot and sticky outside.  I would also like it to have a nice little electric heater and warm fluffy throws for when the weather gets a bit chilly so that I could still use my she shed in the winter.
  3. Cosy Feel:
    I would love my she shed to look very homely and warm so I would decorate it with this beautiful grey wallpaper as I think this would make you look cosy and modern.  I would team it with a thick light cream carpet.
  4. Seating:
    I  would love a cosy relaxing armchair and foot.
  5. Office Space:
    I would really love to have a little small home office.  It would be great to have a beautiful Oak Desk and Chair, a nice table lamp and WiFi so that I could work.
  6. Plants:
    I think some beautiful indoor plants would really look amazing.
  7. Maps:
    A UK map and a map of the world pinned to the wall would be great inspiration for writing my travel blog.  I would love to buy some pins and stick them in all the places we have been and buy some different colour pins to mark places on our Bucket List.
  8. Wooden Gazebo:
    A nice little wooden gazebo to the side of the she shed would be a great place to put some patio furniture.
  9. A Hot Tub:
    This would look amazing in the gazebo attached to the She Shed and would make my She Shed the perfect place to relax!
  10. Fairy Lights:
    I would love fairy lights all around the She Shed on the inside and the outside.

That’s my She Shed sorted!  What would yours look like?  What would you do differently/the same?

Do you need to get your garden ready for winter?

Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Tasker Online.




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