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10 SMALL & EASY changes YOU can make in 2017 to help preserve UK Wildlife

Preserve UK Wildlife

1 in 7 species of UK Wildlife are facing extinction (State of Nature Report 2016).   NOW is the time to start thinking about small everyday changes we can all make to help preserve UK wildlife and stop this from happening.  I have listed 10 EASY ways we can all help. 

How many of these do you all already do?

  1. Conserve Water: This is a really easy one for us, we all clean our teeth at the same time and we turn the tap off while brushing (think of how many gallons of water are wasted each year from leaving the taps on while brushing!). Also, I used to spend at least 25 minutes everyday in the shower; over the last few months I have set a 5 minute alarm on my phone & I always aim to get out of the shower before it goes off.  The less water we use, the more there is in our ecosystems.
  2. Create small scale wildlife habitats: This is something the whole family can do together and the kids (and adults) will really enjoy! You can find some great inspiration on the Wild About Gardens website they have ideas grouped by the time it takes to create them, so if you have 2 hours to spare you could make a log shelter, if you had a whole weekend to spare to build a bug mansion!
  3. Pick Up Litter: Litter is a huge danger for many species, you can do your bit by Litter Picking!  Teaching your children not to drop litter and how litter can impact on nature is also very important.
  4. Choose reusable products: Where possible use reusable bags, bottles and reuse and recycle items, this will help to reduce your impact on the natural environment and also reduce the demands on landfill!  We have a supply of reusable bags that we keep in the car so when we go shopping they are already there ready to be used.
  5. Choose Eco Friendly products: This one has a dual benefit because Eco products are usually. It just better for the natural environment, but also for your family too.  We recently switched to using Ecover washing powder and it has eliminated Miss H’s eczema.
  6. Plant a vegetable garden or patch:  We cannot wait to start planting some vegetables and fruit this year and watching them grow; it is a magical experience for children and so important for them to connect with nature and learn (remember connecting with nature is often linked to lower stress levels, so again this could really benefit you as well as the environment!).
  7. Buy MSC certified fish: This ensures you play your part in avoiding a collapse of the ecosystem in our seas!
  8. Visit your local farm/allotment: You cannot beat the taste of freshly farmed produce so again this one is in your own best interests, but also in the interests of the environment.  Think of the carbon footprint from your Spanish strawberries versus those from your local farm or allotment.
  9. Make gaps in your garden fences:  This allows small creatures such as hedgehogs to move around freely; imagine how excited your children would be waking up to find a hedgehog in the garden!
  10. Be a responsible tourist: Try and include local holidays and trips as well as foreign holidays; what could be better than finding out more about the natural environment & nature on your doorstep!  Visit discount express for some fabulous local holiday ideas!  Why not read some of my tips for taking a successful staycation.

These small things all help; maybe you can think of some more of your own?  Have I inspired you to do any that you don’t already?

Leave your ideas in the comments box or tag me in them on social media!

  1. Such easy ideas we can all do to help. I’m always on at the kids to use only the water they need, I hate wasting water! X

  2. Great tips, we use a lot of reusable baby products like nappies and breastpads to try and stop contributing so much to landfills

  3. Some fantastic ideas on, now there’s 4 of us we’ve tried to make more of a effort when it comes to conserving water xx

  4. Some great tips here. We have four waterbutts in our Garden and always try to save water and do our bit.

  5. These are such great ideas and things I really hadn’t thought about before. I’m going to do some of these next year x

  6. We have a cooperative forest garden near our home where we grow food without upsetting the natural forest.

    I love this post.

  7. Great tips! I think we could all do a lot more on this front so thanks for getting us thinking about it.

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