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2017 Goal Setting! | 5 Bloggers Share Their Goals!

Goal Setting 2017

I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions, but I am a fan of Goal Setting!  If we fail to set goals for ourselves then we run the risk of ambling through the year without really achieving anything!  Before we know it another year has passed us by and we are no further towards achieving our dreams than we were this time last year!  I am currently in the process of setting my 2017 goals and I wanted some inspiration, so I asked 5 other bloggers what their goals were for 2017:

  • I am looking to get double the traffic, at least, in 2017. Also, I want to triple some of my social media followers. I also want to share more about my life and write more blog posts about activities that we have enjoyed as a family – Katy Kicker
  • Double followers and ramp up interaction with others too to increase traffic. Hit 30+ on moz. Full time income and attend at least one blogger conference – Country Heart & Home
  • To get my head around YouTube and make a proper go of it – Cardiff Mummy Says
  • Say no more often, know my worth and have confidence in what I write – Mrs Shilts
  • My blogging resolution is consistency, find a schedule and stick to it. If I’ve managed Blogmas with a toddler and new baby, I can manage anything ha! – Babies & Beauty

FACT: Did you know that you are more likely to stick to a goal if you write it down?

Will you be doing any 2017 goal setting?

Make sure any goals you set are SMART:


I will be breaking my goals down into 90 day cycles, visit YouBabyMeMummy to find out more about goal setting in 90 day cycles.

Have you already set yourself some goals and targets? If so, what are they?

Don’t forget to celebrate your goals when you achieve them!

  1. Lovely post, I love abit of new year goal setting. New years resolutions don’t seem to stick, but long term goals are easier to digest. x

  2. I like this idea of breaking down goals into 90 days.

    I am just about to launch my blog. Eeep. I was just going through some goal ideas and I was looking at every 6 months, but think I am going to go back and re do them for every 90 days.

    It’s really nice to see what others blogging goals are too, even though I only have a small following on my social media, and this is technically a hobby I would love to grow it and to become something that I truly love.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Mymamamusings x

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