[AD] Disney On Ice Review – Passport To Adventure at The O2

Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure Peter Pan

On Christmas Eve 2017; we went to the O2 Arena to watch Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure.  On the way into the Arena we went to the Merchandise stall and bought Lily a beautiful Minnie Mouse teddy which she has since treasured as it brings back memories of a truly fantastic day out.  Lily is a HUGE Disney fan and this show featured some of her favourite characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse plus the characters from Frozen, Peter Pan, Lion King and the Little Mermaid.  The show opened and immediately captured Lily’s attention with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck and more!

Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure Mickey and Minnie

Lily’s face when they all come out onto the Ice was magical and it is truly one I will never forget.  She absolutely loved the opening scenes with all the main characters and some from Zootropolis.  Next up was a 15 minute section from the Lion King.  I was a little bit worried beforehand as to whether Lily would like this bit or not as I bought her the Lion King DVD a couple of years ago and she has never really enjoyed; ironically this was the part of the show that she said she enjoyed the most on the way home!  I enjoyed it as I love the music from the Lion King and it was great to see the show being brought to life on Ice.

Disney On Ice Lion King

Next up was The Little Mermaid – Lily & I have never watched the film so neither of us knew the story line in advance or any of the music.  Lily really enjoyed watching it; she loved all the fish and the enjoyed seeing the Mermaids too.

Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure Little Mermaid

After the Little Mermaid, we had a short interval – just enough time to grab some snacks and a drink.  The second half of the show was when things really started to become awe inspiring; seeing Peter Pan and Tinkerbell “fly” was a very special moment for Lily and one which I am sure she will never forget.  Lily has always been a HUGE Peter Pan fan and I knew she would love this section of the show; I wasn’t expecting that I would enjoy it too!  I was expecting Lion King or Frozen to be my favourite segment but for me, Peter Pan just edged it and stole the show.  It was truly magical seeing the characters really come to life.

Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure Peter Pan HookDisney On Ice Passport to Adventure Peter Pan Hook

The next part of the show was Frozen and this is definitely the part that both of us were looking forward to most beforehand as we are both HUGE Frozen fans.  Thankfully we were in the front row so there wasn’t anyone in front of us having to cover their ears while we sang our hearts out to all our favourite songs and, of course, our number on favourite: Let It Go!

The Frozen section was great fun and I really do think this show is a must for any Frozen fan out there.

The hardest part of the day came next – that was leaving the arena.  Lily did NOT want the show to end and did NOT under any circumstances want to leave the O2.  She cried a little when it was time to go as she had just had the most magical day and did not want it to end.  It was a huge complement to the show and the production and she has never done that before (or since!).  The promise of a nice meal in the O2 did manage to cheer her up!

Disclosure: We have been given our Disney On Ice tickets free of charge in exchange for a review.


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