[AD] What Your Home Needs Is A Fresh Look

Every house becomes old at some point. That being said, old age and bad design aren’t synonymous. You don’t have to let your household’s appearance slowly fade away. It’s understandable that wallpaper will start to peel, things will get broken by clumsy children, and statement pieces you bought a few years ago will stop being fashionable. Maintaining the appearance of your house requires continuous work. However, you can make the job easier for yourself by updating your home’s overall aesthetic. Let’s talk about some of the changes you could make in order to give your home a fresh look.

Do you really use every inch of space in your home effectively?

Before you start knocking down walls or making plans for a conservatory to be built in order to extend your home, you should think about simpler ways to make your home feel larger. Ask yourself whether you’re using every inch of space in your home effectively. You could increase the size of your home by rethinking the way in which you layout existing rooms in the household. For starters, moving furniture around can completely transform your home. Lining walls with furnishings and fixtures is a good way to open up space in the centre of rooms. You could also declutter your home so that you both get rid of your hoarded junk and give your home a more refreshing minimalistic aesthetic. You’ll feel more relaxed once you let go of your clutter; it’ll declutter your mind, most importantly. That’s most likely why you want to give your home a makeover, after all.

Of course, if you’re still thinking about the conservatory because you want to extend your home then you should think about converting one of your existing unused rooms first. Maybe you just use the attic or the garage as storage space for your forgotten belongings. However, if you’ve successfully decluttered (as suggested in the paragraph above) then that shouldn’t be a concern anymore. You should have an empty space with a lot of potential. Your attic could become a guest bedroom, for example. Your garage could become a games room for everybody in the family to use. You could get a pool table, move some of your furnishings in there, and create a brand new space. In turn, you’ll have extended the house and perhaps made the rest of your rooms feel a little more spacious (if you’ve moved things into the new room).

Timeless styles will ensure a design that looks fresh in the long-term.

You want to give your home a fresh look, but you don’t want to have to update that look in a few years. That’s usually what puts people off when it comes to the task of giving their humble abode a makeover. What’s the point when trends come and go? Well, that’s why you shouldn’t follow trends. You should aim to renovate your home’s design with the goal of giving it a face that’ll remain fresh for years or decades to come. As mentioned in the introduction, your home’s interior design doesn’t need to look bad just because the house is old. The best way to maintain a fresh appearance in your home is to use timeless design styles. If your house’s look never goes out of date then it’ll look permanently fresh. You won’t have to worry about another makeover any time soon (as long as you and the kids look after your home). Forget the ugly and dated wallpaper; it’s time to use colours and styles that aren’t tied to any particular era.

Small changes can make a big difference. With regards to any old wallpaper you might have, you could tear it down and paint your walls instead. Patterns come and go out of fashion, but a simple painted wall is stripped back and inoffensive. Paint your walls white so as to create a neutral background that serves as a blank canvas for the rest of your renovation project. White paint will also brighten rooms by bouncing light off the walls. In terms of more extensive home renovation, you should use natural materials to keep the home design timeless. Wooden flooring, for example, will always be sophisticated and fashionable. You might even want to replace the kitchen countertops with a natural material such as granite for a classier appearance. You should check out sites such as BBK Direct for modern worktops. It’s important that you do a professional job; after all, the goal is for your home’s new design to stand the test of time.

You could throw in some personal design to customise your home.

One of the best ways to freshen up your home’s interior is to throw some personal design into the mix. Remind yourself that this is the family home. You live here. You and your family members could make some paintings or drawings that you frame and hang up on the wall. Even if you’re not particularly creative, there’s something powerful about putting your own personal stamp on your home. Alternatively, you could simply print off some family photographs and hang those up on the wall. Your household should have character. You should be able to walk into a room and know that it’s your home. Obviously, an aesthetically-pleasing design is important, but there should be a sprinkle of personality in every room of the house.

Of course, it’s important that everyone in the family has their own individual slice of personalisation in the household as well. You want the home to work well for the whole family, but each of you will need some alone time to unwind now and again. You want your bedroom to reflect your tastes and preferences. Personalising your space might take something as simple as a vanity unit in your bedroom so that you have your own personal zone to get ready before a day at work or a night on the town. For your kids, it might be something as simple as a few posters of their favourite things on their walls.


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