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[AD] 4 of the years biggest bathroom trends and how to create them…

Tired of your boring bathroom? The bathroom isn’t always the first place we think to redecorate, but a newly decorated bathroom can often be the thing that brings your home together perfectly. When it comes to actually deciding how to decorate your bathroom, however, there’s so many options to choose from it can be difficult knowing where to start. For a little bit of inspiration, here’s five of the biggest bathroom trends of 2018 that you should try.  

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For those who like to keep it simple when it comes to home decor, monochrome bathrooms are for you. Think white or black walls, minimal details, pristine bathroom fixtures and black and white statement floor tiles. To achieve the monochrome look, play around with your palette of black and white, thinking of ways you can put an interesting spin on the space. This could mean tiling your walls with some large white bathroom tiles for a minimal feel, but painting certain areas of the room such as the door or wooden floorboards black, and bringing the space together with some beautiful monochrome patterned floor tiles.


Deep blue

Blue tones such as navy have been a big interiors trend for 2018, and incorporating these shades into the bathroom is a great way to try the trend out for yourself. With this, you can be as subtle or as full on as you like, either choosing to paint every wall in the bathroom navy or simply giving some small details like skirting boards, cupboards and mirrors a splash of blue. If you have a bathroom on the smaller side, you might want to avoid too much dark colour as this can make the space feel cramped.


Coastal vibes

What better way to celebrate summer than to bring the beach to your home? Coastal vibes are another trend that’s been seen within interiors a lot over the past year. This aesthetic centers around soft, seaside themed colours paired with natural textiles and furniture. For the bathroom, this look can be achieved with white or light blue tiles, wicker accessories, jute rug bath mats and nautical themed bathroom accessories.


Spa escape

If your favourite thing is to spend time relaxing and unwinding in your bathroom, then transforming the room into a tranquil spa inspired space should be your go-to decor idea. This type of bathroom is completely subjective based on what you consider a spa to look like. Take inspiration from a spa you’ve been to in the past, and use this to influence the colour scheme you use and the type of feel you’d like to go for. One idea could be to focus on soft colours, wooden features and plants, all the while paying attention to small and special details. Transferring soaps and bath salts into their own containers or keeping candles in matching candle holders are all small things that can change the feel of the room and give it that polished day spa look.

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