5 Things to put in a 2 year olds party bag…

Toddler Party Bag

I really struggled with ideas for what to put in a toddlers party bag, we had a mix of boys and girls so I wanted the presents to suit both; with 16 kids coming to the party I didn’t want to spend a fortune on each item for the bag, so I headed off to Poundland and this was what went into the bags:

1. Peppa Pig Stickers – these were a huge hit: I bought 3 packs and that gave me 18 sheets to put one in each bag and have a few extra left over.

2. Balls, all toddlers love playing with these so I couldn’t go wrong!

3. Bubbles – these were not only popular but provided me with some amazing photos on the day!

4. Bath Toy – these were a last minute find and so pleased I did as they all seemed to like them.

5. Cake – instead of having to cut up Lilys cake for the party and mess about on the day putting it into bags, I bought some cupcakes from Sainsburys and popped them in, needless to say the toddlers didn’t take long to demolish them!

In total the party bags for 16 cost me £11 I think that was good going!

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