[AD] 5 Things to Do Before Travelling Abroad

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While travelling, you don’t want to be wondering if your home security system is working, is your pet in good care and similar things. In order to truly relax and enjoy your trip, there are a few things you should do before flying abroad.

Here are the top 5 most important ones:

Paperwork. Go through all the documents you need for the trip – passport, driving license, hotel confirmation, boarding pass, etc. and make sure that all are valid and up-to-date. Pack them in a plastic bag to keep them safe from potential spillages and make copies to be covered in the event your bag gets lost or stolen. But be sure to keep the copies elsewhere, not the same bag as the originals. Also, write down contact numbers for the British embassy, emergency, police, etc. in case you urgently need to contact them but cannot access the Internet to look up their phone numbers.

Some more paperwork. In addition to taking care of the documents you need for the trip, you should also take care of travel insurance and the EHIC to be covered in case you need medical assistance while abroad. The EHIC (short for European Health Insurance Card) offers free or subsidised medical care in Europe and it’s free! But the card can take up to 7 days to arrive, so be sure to apply for EHIC at least 10 days before your departure. Also, the EHIC may not cover for everything and it definitely doesn’t cover for lost baggage, flight delays, etc. So it’s high recommended to get a travel insurance as well.

Vaccinations, medications and other medical treatments. The EHIC and travel insurance provide access to free/subsidised medical care while abroad but you are highly recommended to take care of any medical needs before travelling, ideally, a few days or weeks in advance if possible. Why? Because you don’t want to spend your vacation in healthcare/medical centres possibly waiting for hours for something you could have get over with in a few minutes at your surgery.

Pets, houseplants, kids. If you are leaving behind a pet, kids or have houseplants, you should obviously arrange for their care while you’re abroad. Again, don’t wait for the last minute because most people don’t want to be notified that they are expected to look after your dog or kids the next morning. Also, be sure to have a backup plan in case your friend or family member cancels in the last minute.

Home security. In addition to making sure that all the doors are locked and windows closed, it is also important to cancel any deliveries that may arrive during your absence. Also, let your neighbour know that you will be away and ask them to pay attention to any suspicious people/activity around your property. Last but not the least important, check if your home security system is working or have the professionals do it for you. Locksmith in Stockport for instance will also check you locks and latches as well as identify any potential security issues. But in order to be able to deal with security issues if having any, be sure to call the locksmiths well in advance.

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