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[AD] 9 Top Tips For Stress Free Travelling With A Toddler

In the last few months we have been away many times as a Family and time and time again we see completely frazzled parents running out of patience.  We love travelling with Lily and she is always a little dream on days out and holidays; so I decided to write this guide in the hope of helping other parents achieve stress free travelling with a toddler.  I genuinely believe Holidays should be enjoyed by the whole family not enjoyed by the kids and endured by the parents.  I hope you find this guide useful.

This Is A Collaborative Post

9 Top Tips For Stress Free Travelling With A Toddler:

    1.  Consider using a specialist Travel Agency:

      Specialist Travel Agency Tots To Travel have taken the hard work out of travelling with toddlers for you; they really have thought of everything.  The provide you with a FREE 20+ items of baby & toddler kit which includes things like High Chairs & Cots to save you worrying about transporting bulky items.  They also have Barriered Private Swimming Pools for extra safety and security.

    2. Travel Early In The Day:

      You are much better able to handle any flight or check in delays if you have travelled earlier in the day; a 2 hour delay feels much worse at 2am than it would at 10am when you can just spend the extra time looking around the airport shops or playing games in the departures lounge.  Plus travelling late in the evening has the knock on effect of making everyone a little more tired than usual for the first few days of holiday.

    3. Think about Food in advance:

      Hungry children are grumpy children; make sure you take plenty of snacks for travel days and ensure that the place you are staying has a shop nearby.  Otherwise, take some snacks with you in your hold luggage for your trip; be sure to check restrictions before travelling as there are often some strange restrictions on food items you are allowed to take into a Country.  If you are staying Full Board, Half Board or All Inclusive then take a look at hotel menus before bookings so you that you can be sure they cater well for your family.

    4. Plan extra naps/relaxations times:

      Think about all the extra energy your children use up on holiday from swimming to Tots Disco and late nights; an easy way to counter this is to plan for an extra nap (even if your toddler no longer naps at home they will probably need one on holiday).  We always try and book the best room available as then we can have a nice relax in the room while Lily naps; on our recent Butlins Review we had a lovely view with floor to ceiling windows and it was lovely to relax while Lily was asleep.   Overtired toddlers are common on holiday and it’s so easily avoided!  Tots To Travel have a guaranteed best Family Villas & Suites in Resort policy so they are well worth booking with.

    5. Don’t try and be together 24/7:

      Spending 24 hours a day together makes things harder for everyone; try and plan a few little activities for yourself for your holiday as it is a holiday after all! I usually book a half hour massage or plan some reading time while Mike looks after Lily and Mike usually plays some Golf or sports or watches his Kindle Fire while I entertain Lily.  If you are travelling alone with your toddler consider booking somewhere that has a creche or kids club that they can go to so you can have time to yourself.

    6. Plan Your Itinerary Ahead Of Arrival:

      If you are planning to do Day Trips and Activities while on Holiday space these out a little; don’t get all excited and try and fit everything in at the start of the holiday as that’s surefire way to burn out.  If you are away for a week and would like to do 3 excursions consider doing one Monday, Wednesday & Friday for example so you have a nice relaxing day in the middle.

    7. Prepare Your Toddler For The Airport:

      Some parts of travelling can be quite daunting for adults let alone children so it might be an idea to set up a little role play ahead of your journey and play out the scenes such as queuing to check in and the airport security process.  It also helps on the day of Travel if you wear flip flops or other easily removed shoes; undoing and doing up laces is just added time you don’t need at airport security.  Also, always remember that no liquids over 100ml can be carried through the airport security (there is an exception for infant milk, but you do need to be prepared to taste it and to have it examined).  I took a sports drink of water for Lily for the journey and forgot to discard the water before security; this nearly lead to us missing our flight as I waited so long for the security team to test it due to the volume of passengers.

    8. Have A Digital Detox:

      A Holiday is the perfect time to unwind and relax with your family.  Don’t let constant push notifications interrupt you and take your attention away from your family!  A lot of the toddlers we see being mischievous when we travel are largely being ignored by their parents staring at their phone screen.  Holidays, are a time you should be creating family memories to last a lifetime; not browsing Facebook or replying to messages on Twitter.  I turn my notifications off for all apps except Whats App, FaceTime, Messages & Calls while I am away.  I tend to log in to social media in the morning for 10 minutes, a further 10 minutes during Lily’s afternoon nap and then half our or so in the evening when Lily is asleep.

    9. Keep Toddlers Engaged:

      Bored toddlers can very quickly and very easily become mischievous.  A simple game of eye spy or asking them to help can really engage their minds and help them to focus on the task at hand.  Toddlers take great pride in helping so giving them a little job like looking after something of yours (something little and nothing important like a passport!) can really help.

I hope you have a lovely relaxing, stress free family holiday.  Do let me know how you get on via any of my social media channels or commenting below.

9 Top Tips For Stress Free Travelling With A Toddler


  1. Great tips, these! It’s been a long time since my children were toddlers, but I remember the stresses of travelling with them very well!

  2. great put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t notice
    this. You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you have
    a great readers’ base already!

  3. Great ideas, we plan to start our holiday early in the day so we can make the most of the time and no be affected by any delays too much (fingers crossed). We like the alphabet game (boys names, illnesses, places, food etc all A-Z!)

  4. Great timing! I’m actually working on a post on travelling solo with a toddler. BUT, we’re off to Disney soon and I love your tips. Hopefully I can schedule a bit of time to myself – and give B the chance to have fun without me! x

  5. Snacks are such a deal breaker! I always feel like we carry enough snacks to outlast the Apocalypse when we travel, lol.

  6. Great advice. Snacks are a must!! When we were making the long haul journey from england to Australia, with our then 2 year old, we had spoken to him about our trip for a good month or 2 before we were leaving, he knew we were going on 2 planes, he would have his own seat, his own tv, and on the second plane is bed time. We would change into pj’s and have a sleep. This worked amazing as he knew when we got on the plane, “its bed time now mummy!” so def preparing your children before hand for whats going to happen helps hugely!! and take lots of activities for them, coloring in items, books etc.

  7. Fantastic tips – many of which we followed when we went away earlier in the year. Having lots of snacks and entertainment was essential 🙂

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