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I start a new job tomorrow so wanted today to be quite chilled; it’s been over 3 months since a have done a proper day’s work so I have a feeling I might find this week a little tiring! I am only working 4 hours a day, so it’s not exactly a lot of hours, it’s more the adjusting to a new routine that takes the time and energy.

We had a walk to Nannys this morning and a nice little play while Mr H was at bowls; then this afternoon it was film time.

I put on one of my favourite films – Miracle on 34th Street; even though it’s a Christmas film & we are nowhere near December!  Miss H absolutely loved this film last year so I was expecting a nice snuggle on the sofa and some snacks to keep us going.  My plan completely backfired!  Miss H decided that she is now scared of Father Christmas and refused to watch it past them first ten minutes.

At the exact moment that we turned it off Mr H walked in from his morning bowls victory & as we were all set for a film but without a film to watch he asked Miss H if she wanted to watch Hook; I am not a fan of the film but I gave it 5 minutes before Miss H deemed it far too scary and resorted to her absolute favourite Mama Mia.

After the first 5 minutes it was clear that this was not going to happen; she was utterly captivated by the film, I sat through the first hour mainly because at 2 Miss H doesn’t usually sit still for long so I was grateful for the cuddle, but after an hour I went to make a drink and came back to these two buddies all cosy and snuggled up enjoying their film ❤️.

You can’t beat a lovely film afternoon on a brisk autumn day 🙂

  1. Aw I used to love Hook, it has made me think that I need to download it for my girls to watch it- they have been obsessed with the idea of pirates for ages! I remember that the character Hook used to scare me loads though! And yes you can’t beat a snuggly film afternoon- we have done that this weekend too. x

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