[AD] Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will already know that Lily is a huge fan of her baby born doll collection. The twins (Ben and Rose as Lily named them) have come everywhere with us from days out to holidays.

Ben is the Baby Born Interactive Boy Doll and Rose is the Baby Born Interactive Girl Doll. Lily has had Rose 2 years and Ben 1 year (yes a slightly odd age gap for twins!). Lily still plays with them both every single day!

Over time we have grown quite an accessory collection for the twins – they have their own full box of clothes & Lily loves dressing them in new outfits daily. I think it improves both her dexterity (as some of those can be tricky to put on/off) and her nurturing skills.

Lily has a high chair for each then with lots of play food and play bottles of milk to feed them. She also has a little bed that they both share.

Recently, Baby Born got in touch to see if we would like to review the Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun. I immediately said yes as I knew Lily would love it for Ben & Rose. I thought it would be a fab garden toy for the summer.

The Baby Born Interactive Dolls that Lily has are both immersive in water. They already join her in the paddling pool & sometimes the bath. The Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun gives Lily the chance to wash and dry her dolls.

The Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun comes with lots of accessories including a removable cup & toothbrush for the sink, which makes a tooth cleaning noise when removed! The sink itself dispenses real water from the tap – you just pop a tiny bit of water in the sink and it recycles it – perfect for ours of fun! Lily loves the fact that the tap really works. The sink plug is a really sweet little rubber duck. This allows the water to sit in the sink while the twins are getting washed. There is also a little towel to dry the dolls on once they are finished. Lily also loves the little mirror on the sink which lights up and plays a lovely little tune.

The Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun has been a big hit and will be a great addition to our garden for the summer, although I should also say it would work well as an indoor toy too!

Lily also got sent a little accessory pack for the Wash Basin which includes a wash cloth, a little tooth to clean, a blue toothbrush and some pretend creams which Lily uses as sun cream and moisturiser for the twins!

Disclosure: We were sent the Baby Born Wash Basin Water Fun & accessory pack free in exchange for an honest review.


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