[AD] Dressing your Man for spring

 Now that the winter is nearly over it is time to start thinking about kitting everyone out for the spring. Today, I thought I would take a specific look at dressing your man for the new season.

To write this article I have taken a look at the latest men’s fashion show. As well as visited the websites of the UK’s larger men’s clothing retailers, for example, Jacamo. Below I’ve summarised my best finds. I am hoping that this information which will make it easier for you to shop smart and put together spring clothes that your man will enjoy wearing.

The rise of cargo styling:

Perhaps the biggest trend is the return of cargo pants. Or to be more specific cargo shorts. They are everywhere, this spring. It is a look that is sure to appeal. All of those pockets mean they are a practical as well as a great looking option.

Chino shorts:

You will also notice that quite a few retailers have started to stock chino shorts. The fact that they are made from pure cotton means that this relatively heavy duty fabric is, in fact, a good choice for the warmer months. It wicks moisture away from the skin and allows it to breathe. This makes 100% cotton chino shorts an extremely comfortable option.

Board shorts:

However, if your man is not keen on chino or cargo shorts, don’t worry because there are plenty of other different styles available. A great example is the lightweight board shorts that many retailers have started to stock, this year.

All over denim:

Denim is always fashionable. It has a timeless quality and is a fabric that appeals to men of all ages. This year, a lot of designers have decided to create all denim outfits, so you will notice that as well as jeans there are far more denim jackets and shirts available in the shops

If your man wants to try the all-denim look, it is probably a good idea to read this article, first. It explains how to layer this material properly and use a denim jacket as an alternative to a cardigan.

Longer bolder t-shirts:

For most men, t-shirts are the cornerstone of their warmweather wardrobe, so it is always a good idea to buy a few new ones to update his look. This year, big logos appear to be the main trend. This simple yet interesting look should appeal to most men.

A lightweight jacket or hoodie:

In the spring you can never be 100% sure what the weather will do. So, it is a good idea to make sure your man has a hoodie or lightweight jacket to hand to wear on colder or wetter days.

Doing all this on a budget:

If you are working with a budget, and I know most of you are, click here and read my fashion shopping on a budget article. It contains simple tips and tricks, which you can follow whether you are buying men’s, women’s or kid’s clothing.



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