[AD] Get Your Kids to Eat Anything by Emily Leary – Book Review

Get your Kids to eat anything is the first book from multi award winning parenting and food blogger Emily Leary. The first thing I want to say about this book is that Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is not a judgemental book aimed at giving you mum guilt. Emily is one of us. She gets it. She has been there. Emily’s son was a fussy eater and this book describes the 5 phase plan Emily devised to ensure that her son, and later her daughter, would eat anything.

Get your kids to eat anything goes beyond the realms of an ordinary recipe book. Not only does it contain 70 recipes it also contains worksheets to challenge you further and to further think about the relationship you and your family have with food.

I wanted to review this book because as a family we eat the same regular few meals every day. We lack variety. Primarily because both myself and Lily are fussy eaters. Mike will eat anything and everything; he has eaten reindeer, crocodile, shark and all! I can already see progress with both myself and Lily and we will continue to apply Emily’s principles and widen our diets and the variety of foods we eat.

I like the way Emily combines her amazing recipes with her 5 phase plan in order to Get Your Kids to Eat Anything. The 5 phase plan is based on 5 key principles:

1. Put the familiar into the unfamiliar. We have started doing this since reading Emily’s book and have already now managed to add mushroom, onion and garlic into Lily’s diet. These foods were previously on her no list! I started off by putting them into spaghetti bolognaise, one of Lily’s favourite foods.

2. Educate. This principle is about experimenting with texture, smell and understanding where food come from. Lily has already been working on some of this in school, but we have started to discuss it further at home.

3. Discover the fun in food. This is about building enthusiasm. We have recently invested in some new tableware for Lily for this purpose. I bought her a bamboo Matilda cup, bowl, plate and spoon and a bamboo divided pig plate, cup, fork and spoon.

4. Step into the unknown. This is about pushing boundaries and pairing foods in unique ways such as Emily’s Strawberry and Cream pasta which we tried (photos and Emily’s full recipe below).

5. Cement variety. This is about making variety the new norm. Once we have fully established the first four principles we will be begin to establish this one.

Strawberries and cream pasta



Roasted strawberries walk a delightful line between savoury and sweet. You’ll be amazed how much the whole family loves them. My daughter, who is suspicious of anything that dares invade her beloved creamy pasta, was so enamoured with this recipe when I first made it that she asked for seconds.

For the balsamic strawberries

300g (10½oz) strawberries, hulled and quartered

1 tablespoon balsamic glaze

For the pasta

180g (6oz) butternut squash

300g (10½oz) macaroni

30g (1oz) plain flour

30g (1oz) slightly salted butter

450ml (16fl oz) whole milk

30g (1oz) Parmesan cheese, or vegetarian alternative, finely grated

salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 200C (400F), 180C fan, Gas Mark 6.

Place the strawberries on a baking tray, season well with pepper, then drizzle with balsamic glaze. Stir, then place in the oven for about 15 minutes until the glaze bubbles. Set aside to cool.

Put the butternut squash into a pan of cold water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10–15 minutes until tender, then drain and set aside to cool.

Meanwhile, cook the macaroni according to the packet instructions, then drain.

Put the flour, butter and milk into a saucepan and place over a medium heat, whisking regularly for 5–10 minutes until thickened, then season.

Tip the squash, Parmesan and white sauce into a food processor and whizz until smooth.

Stir the hot, drained pasta into the sauce. Divide equally between 4 bowls, top with the strawberries and serve.


• Try introducing fruit to other mealtimes – perhaps some sliced grapes in a cheese sandwich, or thinly sliced pear in your next cheeseburger?

Disclosure: We were sent Get Your Kids to Eat Anything FREE in exchange for an honest review.

  1. We have this book and it is brilliant. The recipes are really easy and actually do help kids eat more varied foods. Emily is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to kids and food

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