[AD] How to find the best tyres for your car model

As a mum, car and passenger safety is highly important to me. Every aspect of Car maintenance impacts passenger safety and it is essential to get it right. With thousands of tyres to choose from how do you know which ones are best for your vehicle?

Tips to choose the right tyres for your car model:

Size Matters

Before you even think about shopping for new tyres make sure you check your vehicle handbook to find out what size tyre is required for your vehicle.

Vehicle Type

Every type of car requires a specific tyre for example 4×4, SUV etc. It’s important to get the right type for your car.


Some Countries require special tyres to be fitted each season. In the UK we tend to not suffer harsh extreme and regular snowfall so we tend to keep the same tyres all year – but a winter tyre health check is always advisable. I always take our car into the garage at the start of winter for a tyre safety check. In addition you should check your tyres are in good condition before each and every journey.

Car Manufacturers

Every car type is suited to a different style of tyre. Matching the tyre to the car type can not only increase performance but can also have an impact on patrol consumption so it’s worth doing your homework and getting it right. If you have a Kia you can go directly to point S website.


Tyres are available to suit all price brackets from budget, medium and premium. Part worn tyres are also available but I would never recommend those personally.


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