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[AD] Lea Valley Park Farms Review | Conservation Week

Over the February half term we visited Lee Valley Park farms for their conservation week. I remember visiting Lea Valley Park farms lots when I was a little girl (of course back then it was called Hayes Hill farm). It is always lovely to be able to take your children somewhere that you have special family memories.

On arrival at Lea Valley Park Farms we were given the conservation week booklet. The conservation week booklet contained lots of fun activities for children. Some of the activities were to be done at the farm on the day and some were to be done at home another time. The activities to do on the farm included a butterfly trial, a conservation status trail and a nature watch. The activities to do at home included growing a butterfly garden, learning how to leave your garden wild, how to build a bumblebee nest and how to make your own bird feeder. If you completed the trails you were given a prize at the end when you handed in your completed form. The prize was Sunflower seeds to plant at home. There were also a lot of special Conservation Week activities on at the farm such as a flying display, a critter show and tractor rides.

We headed straight to the animals! We saw some Sheep with their tiny newborn baby lambs who were so cute and just one week old. We saw some very active goats, some sleepy pigs and some birds.

We then went to watch the critter show. Lilly is a huge animal fan and she really loved the critter show; especially getting to hold the animals. The member of staff who presented the show was brilliant; he was very engaging, very knowledgeable and so keen to pass on his knowledge to all of the children watching. He also brought the animals around to the children so that they could all stroke them. He made sure every child had their chance. Lily stroked a bearded dragon, a chinchilla and a snake. I always think Lily is so brave around animals. Lily said the chinchilla was very soft and fluffy and that the chinchilla was her favourite animal to stroke. Lily said the bearded dragon was a little bit spiky. Lily thought that the snake was very cute.

After the critter show Lily spotted the sand pit play area. She really enjoyed playing with the buckets and tipping the sand down the runners. She spent ages in there!

Lily then ran up the hill and straight in to see the meerkats. She loved the meerkat lookout tower. After the meerkats we went into the children’s play area. The play area is lovely and has slides, a little house, a chicken bouncer, a little toy tractor an egg that you can balance on plus lots more. Lily loved the play area.

After the play area we walked down the slope to head to the farms soft play (entrance to the soft play is included free in the cost of your farm ticket). I saw a beautiful Owl along the way and stopped to try and take a photo. This is where I learned why the call Owls wise! The Owl was actually playing games with me. It was so funny. Every time I got my camera out and tried to take a photo he turned away. Then when I put my camera away again he turned around! We played this game for a few minutes before he finally stopped and posed for me.

Lily enjoyed the soft play but she got a little lost when trying to find the big slide! We then went to see the rabbits and the guinea pigs. The rabbits were huge.

The farm had a lovely looking cafe. The food however looked lovely and there was a good selection. George managed to sleep through the whole trip to the farm and not even see one animal bless him.

Lily really loved seeing all the animals at the farm and we will definitely visit again.

We made a YouTube video of our trip to Lea Valley Park Farms.

Disclosure: We received our tickets to the farm free of charge and were also paid a fee. All opinions are our own honest opinions of the trip.


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