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Children, mine included, love dressing up. It transports them into a fantasy land. A world of Princesses, Fairies, Superheroes, Goodies and Baddies. Imagine being able to combine that fun and energy with watching your favourite Princesses all coming to life together on stage to a mix of modern and classic songs from Jess Glynne to Dolly Parton.

That’s exactly what happened when Lily went to see Once Upon A Princess at Tameside Theatre in Grays. Lily put on her Belle dress and danced through the show in awe of all her favourite princesses on the stage.

The show was based around the premise that all the fairytales in the library had been mixed up and the children needed to help the fairy put the pages into the correct books. The Fairy, for example, said “she lost her slipper” and all the children had to guess what the fairytale was. Lily was delighted to know the answer and shout out “Cinderella”.

Once the children had helped put the pages into the right books they then had to solve the clue to find out which Princesses would marry the Prince. The Prince held a Brush and the children had to work out that the eventual Bride was Rapunzel as she would need a rush for her long hair. Lily and all children clapped. Lily said she wanted all the Princesses to be Brides and all the Children join on them on stage to the Brides too!

Lots of Disney Princesses featured in the show including Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Anna & Elsa. Lily’s favourite Princesses were Anna & Elsa.

Lily loved the show and has already asked many times if she can go again! Seeing her favourite Princesses live on stage was a truly magical experience.

Disclosure: We were provided with our tickets free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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