[AD] Win a half term family trip to Warwick Castle

This half-term swap home-made fortresses for an educational and entertaining visit to one of the UK’s best-preserved medieval castles with a trip to Warwick Castle (

Warwick Castle is offering one lucky family a fun-filled day out at the Castle with the chance to win a Family Day Pass (entry for up to 5 people) and free car parking in the Stratford Road car park this half-term.

The West Midlands attraction is the ideal place to visit during February half-term, with the return of some of its most loved shows – The Mighty Trebuchet, showcasing the UK’s largest working medieval catapult; archery displays in The Bowman Show; and the Birds of Prey display which provides an insight into large and small feathered friends – all included with general admission.

Warwick Castle sits on 64-acres of parkland beside the River Avon and has something for all the family. Home to a large collection of armour, exciting experiences such as the Horrible Histories® Maze and the story of Richard Neville, the 16th Earl of Warwick, who played a pivotal role in the Wars of the Roses in the immersive Kingmaker walk-through, visitors can wander around the grounds for a unique view of nature, climb the Castle’s towers and ramparts, or head inside to explore the Great Hall and many stunning State Rooms to uncover the Castle’s more modern secrets, with an overview of parties hosted by Daisy Greville in the Royal Weekend Party.

We have one family ticket (up to 5 people) to give away for a half term visit next week. One winner will be chosen at random. UK entrants over 18 only. Competition ends Friday 15th February 2019 at midnight.

To enter leave a comment below.

  1. My partner would love to take the kids while I am stuck at work this half term! Thank you for the chance!

  2. Love this! Would be the perfect escape for the whole family. I’m sure we would have loads of fun and have great memories 🙂

  3. My son would really love to visit Warwick castle. This would be a lovely surprise for him and a wonderful family day for all of us.

  4. We have never been and heard such good reviews – would love to go – what a wonderful prize

  5. I’d love to take the kids back here as we visited a few years back and had a wonderful day

  6. Amazing prize! Count me in please I would love to be your lucky winner
    Liked and shared with fingers crossed!
    Good luck everyone

  7. This would be fabulous to win as I haven’t been since I was a child and I’d love to take my children! Fingers crossed.

  8. I’m feeling guilty that my kids won’t be doing much of fun this half term holiday as I had an operation on my ankle today, but if I won this hubby could drive us there and I can get some fresh air for a change while they all have fun in the Castle and grounds. Amazing prize.

  9. oh wow what amazing day out we dont live to far away my kids have always wanted to go too

  10. Oooh this is on our list to do this year, we have never been and it looks so good 🙂 xx

  11. This is my 8 year old son’s favourite place, my parents took him for his birthday last year. We haven’t been, but I’d love to take him back.

  12. What a lovely prize, my 2 children would have a fantastic day, they love history and especially castles

  13. this would be a great trip for all the family – it combines education and history with great fun and entertainment

  14. We’d love a half term visit to Warwick Castle! It’s a great day out and not too long a drive for us!

  15. To pass on curiosity and a thirst to learn and explore to our nephews and nieces would be wonderful.

  16. Our oldest child missed out on a history trip to London as was limited places, Warwick Castle would make his day….

  17. Would love to surprise my two little girls with this. They have only seen castles in fairy tales!

  18. Sounds excellent,It’s such a fascinating place to explore and a very impressive display by the looks.

  19. British attractions and heritage at its best, all children should be able to learn and play with history. Would be better than going to the champion league final as my kids would love it.

  20. Would love to take my twin boys here! They can be knights and still run around like crazy! I might even get a cup of tea!

  21. I havent been to Warwick Castle for years (used to go with my parents). I would love to take my family there as its a wonderful place to visit.

  22. Lovely! Our cousins visit regularly (and actually stay overnight “Medieval Glamping” in the Knight’s Village), so we keep saying we must get around to going ourselves one day!

  23. I’d love to visit here with my younger brother and sister. My 7 year old sister asked to go on a tournof Buckingham Palace last year for her birthday, and she loved it. She loves history; she made me buy her the adult guide book and listened to the audio guide avidly. She would get so much joy from visiting a castle. Please help me make this happen!

  24. I haven’t been to a big castle since I was a child, this would be a lovely nostalgic trip with my family!

  25. An excellent day out,I have been a few times and would like to take my two grandsons.Great fun and educational too.

  26. My two little ladies would love to explore the castle! As long as they can be princesses at the same time!

  27. I have wanted to visit warwick for ages. Everytime i check out there website their activities look awesome. My two boys would love it there xxx

  28. I have heard great things about Warwuck
    castle but have never been . My two girls would love to visit

  29. We’ve always meant to visit here. Want to do it before my children are too old to appreciate it.

  30. I so love Warwick Castle! It’s just down the road, I have many happy childhood memories of visits there. Would love to take my three children there!

  31. we have always wanted to visit here but sadly funds have been quite tight. Little lady loves being outdoors and exploring so please consider us and thanks for the opportunity

  32. Would love to bring the children to Warwick Castle for a visit, as have heard so many good things about it

  33. I know two little girls and a little boy who would think they were in heaven if they were in a real castle (with REAL knights)

  34. Always wanted to go to Warwick Castle! Drive past it once a week but would love an excuse to visit 🙂

  35. It would get on my (War)wick and would be (Med)evil if I can’t visit here. Maybe one day or (k)night I will win the chance

  36. I’d love to take my girls and see the trebuchet in action, climb the towers and go down the dungeons!

  37. Oh yeah, brilliant, jousting day out, history, all round great day who could ask for more, brilliant for adults and children

  38. We would love to go on a family day out to Warwick castle, thanks for the chance to win tickets

  39. I came here for works team building out.
    Some of us even gave a scream and shout.
    We were battered and bruised with the Knight training school.
    So would love to bring the kids, who wouldn’t – a fool?!

  40. It looks great! I’ve never been but now we’ve moved within visiting distance it is on our list for a day out.

  41. My 3 year old was playing knights at school this week. My 7 year old has a castle school project. It would be amazing for us all!!

  42. My three year old was playing knights at school this week. My 7 year old has a castle project too so would be a perfect day out!

  43. What a great prize! We’d absolutely love a family trip to Warwick Castle – it would be a great day out =)

  44. This would be fabulous, I know my princess in training would love to see how she should live in a castle and it wouldn’t hurt her mummy to meet a knight in shining armour ? fingers crossed ?

  45. OMG I would love this! I went with primary school, would love to go with my little girl. Such an interesting place! Great memories

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