[AD] Adapting and Adjusting: Make Working From Home A Breeze

Since becoming a new mum you have had to make some adjustments to your working life in order to balance your family commitments. Whether you have set up your own business or your workplace now allows you to work from home it is important to have a motivating home office. You want to maintain your enthusiasm for your job as well as being the best mother you can. Find a happy medium between your work and home life by adapting your abode to help you have a productive day.  

Fab Furnishings

You attempt to start a day of work in an uncomfortable chair, where your laptop plug doesn’t quite reach the socket; this isn’t going to end productively. You need to create a relaxing and calm place to sit down and do your tasks each day. The essentials that you require, can all be found online at; think stylish desks, cosy chairs and sleek storage spaces. Indulge in the simple necessities which will make your job easier and you will actually look forward to getting to work each day. Creating a home office space isn’t always easy, as not everybody has a huge amount of space to work with. Even if you can just decorate a small corner in your home you will find working much easier once you have a dedicated space to do it.

Appealing Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home is something you have worked very hard on over the years. You have your own personal touches within the décor and you have sprinkled your own sense of style into each room. Try to do the same with your home office space too; whether it is a specific scented candle which relaxes you or a radio station which brightens your mood. Don’t be afraid to make your work space your own and try to avoid of an uptight, generic workspace that you don’t enjoy. Create the correct lighting and set the temperature to a comfortable level. Once you have these tiny tweaks in place you will soon be feeling more productive.

Smart Scheduling

When you’re working at home it can often be difficult to switch off from the environment around you. There is washing on the line and you have dishes to scrub, but don’t let this distract you from having a productive day at work. Schedule your time so that you have a clear work and home balance. Set aside a couple of hours each day to get your housework done and you won’t get bothered by the looming chores whilst you’re supposed to be working.

Mums can truly do it all and you are no exception to the rule. When you’ve had a rough night’s sleep or a stressful day in the office you can now feel at home in your new place of work. Make your home office a stress free and relaxing place to complete your daily tasks. Treat yourself to new furniture and create a warm atmosphere; you will enjoy going to work every day more than you ever did before.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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