[AD] The Advantages of Selling Your Home with an Online Estate Agent

Online Estate Agents

When it comes to selling your home, you want three things: a good price, excellent service and affordable fees – a fast sale may be important to you, too! During the last few years, the way we sell our homes has changed as the amount of online estate agents on the market has rapidly increased, with more people choosing to forgo traditional high street agents and sell online instead.

If you’re considering selling your family home, here are the main advantages of selling with an online estate agent.

Lower Fees

Many families sell their homes due to the need for additional space, whether that’s because their children are getting older, or their family is about to grow. Buying a larger home can cost a lot of money, meaning it’s extremely important to save money where possible! This is where online agents have the advantage over the high street, with many charging a fixed fee of less than £500.

Better Communication

The majority of high street estate agents still operate 9-to-5, Monday to Friday. This means that should you have any questions or wish to change a viewing time, you can only contact them during their opening hours. Online agents, on the other hand, often have a call centre or if not, a local agent who can be contacted on their mobile, making it easier to keep up-to-date.

Different Packages

With a traditional estate agent, the cost of selling your home is usually a fixed percentage of the final sale value, but with an online agent, you can select the package you want upfront. This typically includes a cheaper standard package and a premium option with additional services included. This allows more flexibility and provides you, the seller, with more control.

Sell Your Home

While an agent can value your home and list it on the market, no one knows your home like you do – although this may have its perks and its downfalls! With an online agent, the seller often conducts the viewings – although this does vary depending on the agent and the package chosen. This allows you to really sell your home, point out of the property’s best features, and provide more in-depth answers to any questions viewers may ask.

There you have it – the main benefits of selling your home with an online estate agent. For many, lower fees are the biggest appeal, but more flexibility, freedom and choice are big advantages of an online agent, too.

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