[AD] Are screens affecting your quality of sleep and eyesight?

All screens such as those on phones, laptops & tablets emit Blue Light. This Blue Light can cause heath problems; from lack of sleep to long term eye damage. Research has shown that Blue Light can interrupt our circadian rhythms and interrupt sleep so if you are one of the many struggling with sleep problems your phone/laptop or tablet could be to blame!

What is Blue Light?

Blue Light has a very short wavelength and so it produces a large amount of energy. Long-term studies suggest that exposure to frequent Blue Light can be damaging to our eyes.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Blue Light?

Protecting yourself and your family from Blue Light can be done in a number of ways:

• Reduce the amount of time spent on Screens. A recent report by the Vision Council claims that almost 90% of adults aged 18-39 use a digital device for at least 2 hours per day. If we reduce the time we use technology we can reduce the effects of the Blue Light.

• Take regular breaks. Taking screen breaks regularly can help to reduce damage caused by Blue Light. I always try and take a 5 minute walk every 20 minutes or so.

• Do not sit too close to screens; over a metre away is the minimum you should aim for. Screens are like magnets they draw you in, be aware of when you are drawing closer and pull away again.

• Use Blue Light eye protection. This can help to reduce this amount of Blue Light you are exposed to. Ocushield have a variety of screen protectors so you can get one for each device you own. They also sell Blue Light reducing glasses.

Do you take steps to prevent damage from Blue Light?

Disclosure: This Post was sponsored by Ocushield.


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