Are you planning on taking the Covid19 vaccine when it becomes available? Here are my thoughts…

Vaccine being administered
2020 – what can I say? It’s been the strangest year of my life. Turning 40 in lockdown.  Celebrating the big 4-0 in the living room with Mike & the kids and having my mum waving to me through a window on her allocated exercise walk of the day.  If someone told me in 2019 that is how I would be spending my 40th I would have thought they were having a nightmare!
The looser restrictions over the summer did some bring some relief to the endless lockdown and we managed to have 2 amazing holidays at Potters Resort in Norfolk over the summer, socially distanced and very different form normal but thankfully the same amount of fun and laughter.
Now it is December and the MHRA have begun to the approval process for the Oxford/Astra Zenica vaccine.
Thoughts have now turned to a Spring bounce back.  A vaccine is a beacon of hope in a Covid19 world. Not everyone is hailing the vaccine.
There are plenty of people in support of the vaccine who have said that they will take one if offered, but there are also many who are wary of taking a newly developed vaccine.
This is my personal view on taking the vaccine.  This is an outpouring of my view. I respect the views of everyone and appreciate that whilst this is my view, it does not in any way represent everyone.
I am an asthma sufferer who takes Sirdupla everyday. I take 2 puffs, twice a day.  This means that in terms of personal covid risk I fall somewhere between the clinically vulnerable and the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group. Asthma UK initially listed my steroid inhaler as falling within the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable camp, but as my asthma is under control I was not asked to Shield and therefore fall into the Clinically vulnerable group.
I usually get invited for after flu jab every year and I take it, because whilst I admit it makes me feel slightly under par for a couple of days, I can still function well and go to work etc; I’ve seen people with flu in bed for weeks changing pyjamas 4 times a day because of the fever and it is really unpleasant and for an asthmatic has potentially severe Complications.
But the flu jab has been around for years and the long term side effects are known and reported.
What about the Covid19 vaccine?  I am classified in group 7 in terms of vaccine rollout.  Which means I would not be in the first batches of people inoculated, but I would be offered the vaccine down the line.

Would I have the Covid19 vaccine?

Yes, I will be taking the vaccine.  I know its a new vaccine, but still I would not only take it when offered, I would also get the vaccine privately if this service became available at a reasonable cost and enabled me to get it sooner.

Why would I take a Covid19 vaccine?

2020 has been the year of the new normal. I want the old normal back. The one where I can see who I want, when I want. The one with the family parties with everyone singing Maggie May or Sweet Caroline at the top of the voices.  The one with theatre shows in the West End. The one with holidays abroad. As much as I have tried to get in with 2020, this year has been restrictive and hard – I don’t think anyone would deny that.
I think a successful vaccine programme is the only way we will be able to experience these things again.  Once the vaccine is available venues and destinations will, I am sure, all be updating their risk assessments to include allowing unrestricted access to those vaccinated. I think in the future there will be a need to have had the vaccine if for example, you want a foreign holiday.
I am done with wearing masks, not seeing my family and friends and not having the normality that I once took for granted.  Those are the reasons that, when offered or available, I will be taking the Covid19 Vaccine.
I know many people disagree and that is OK. That is their personal choice and no-one can take that away from them. I also know that for me, I cannot wait to have it and get some semblance of the old normal back.

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