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[AD] Baby Born Interactive Doll – Girl Review & Competition

We have a new member of the family! No not the baby just yet! It’s Rose – Lily’s new Baby Born Interactive Doll. According to Lily, Rose is Ben’s real sister.  Ben being the Baby Born Interactive Doll – Boy that we reviewed a couple of months ago.

Baby Born Interactive Doll - Girl Review

Lily became very attached to Rose – the Baby Born Interactive Doll very quickly. I think that’s because she is from the same family as Ben!

The Baby Born Interactive Doll came with some beautiful accessories including a dummy & dummy clip, a bracelet for the doll and a matching one for the child, a bowl, spoon and 5 sachets of doll food a potty and a nappy.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Packaging

Lily adores the interactive features of The Baby Born Interactive Doll. S he has taken to potty training Ben & Rose together and she sits them down to be fed together too. She also loves dressing and undressing them both and taking the nappy on and off.  Ben and Rose keep Lily entertained for hours both inside and outside the house as Lily loves to take her dolls everywhere. She loves nothing more than popping them in the pram and walking them to the park to watch her play or taking them to the cinema or for days out.  As you will see from our review of the Interactive Baby Born Doll – Boy Ben recently accompanied us to the local fire station open day!

What Lily loves most about The Baby Born Interactive Dolls is that they can be a best friend. A best friend to take everywhere.

If you would like to win an Baby Born Interactive Baby Born Doll simply enter our competition:


We’re giving away a BABY born Interactive Doll!

The much-loved BABY born Interactive Doll has nine lifelike functions and eleven accessories to encourage imaginative play. Cute and clever, BABY born cries real tears, opens and closes his or her eyes, eats and drinks and even controlled wets and poops! 

Fully movable and waterproof, BABY born comes with a special birth certificate, friendship bracelets, bottle, dummy and dummy clip, nappy, food, plate and spoon and their own potty.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1 UK winner over 18 only.  Competition ends 14th September at 12:00.

Disclosure: We were sent the Baby Born Interactive Doll – Girl Free in exchange for an honest review.

  1. Ava would adore her,she is a real girly girl loves dollies, her babies as she calls them and this one is fabulous

  2. This is fab, I remember having one growing up (well maybe not as advanced as this!) and it really is a little girls dream! X

  3. I always wanted one of these when I was a child! They look even better now! My niece would love it!

  4. My granddaughter has just become a big sister. This would be great so while mummy is looking after the new baby she can be looking after her own.

  5. I’d save this for my daughter for Christmas if I won. I’m expecting a baby on 23rd December and I know she’d like her own to nurture!

  6. My little girl is 16 months old and just started getting into dolls. She’d love this for Christmas. And so would my little boy come to that! :0)

  7. Wow what a fabulous doll, perfect for my daughter who will be finding out she is due a brother or sister early next year. She loves he dolls but non of them are interactive

  8. Dolls are so much more interactive now. It’s crazy that just a doll with hair that changed colour impressed kids when I was young ?

  9. I loved baby born when I was little, shows how good it is, still going all these years later.

  10. As a brand new nanny things have moved on a little since my family were kids – the poop is new for a start and the mind boggles. I’ve GOT to see this!

  11. Baby born is by far the best doll out there. I loved her as a child, feeding her the little food sachets

  12. Of i go to comment 😀 my Aela is just 3 so never had a PROPER doll like this before x Thanks for the chance xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I think my niece would really love this doll. None of her current dolls are interactive, at least to the extent this one is. It would be interesting to see how much more play time those features create.

  14. I used to love playing with Baby Born when i was younger. I’d love to gift this doll to my 18 month old daughter she would love playing with the doll.

  15. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  16. This looks fantastic. I would love to be able to give this to my daughter for her birthday, she would be so ecstatic! Love the accessories too x

  17. So adorable! My daughter keeps asking for a baby brother or sister but this doll seems much more appealing to me, I’m sure she’d love it too x

  18. Wow. Such a cute doll and with all 11 settings; will promote real interactive play. These types of dolls have come so far nowadays and the baby born is so realistic. Great if a little one has a new baby brother or sister on the way or just born. It would make a great gift to make the child feel included.

  19. Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! My little girl would be over the moon if I won this for her

  20. Never had a Baby Born doll in our house before! My older two girls had a Baby Annabelle but this doll looks great and I think my (nearly) three year old would love it.

  21. This would be wonderful for my youngest granddaughter who will become a big sister in December

  22. We have always wanted to buy one of these lovely dolls, so many thanks for the chance to win one….

  23. My daughter would love this dolly. She has the first one and she is called ahh baba.

  24. What a great prize! I remember having my own Baby Born as a child, brings back memories!

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