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[AD] How To Make A Room Look Lighter and Brighter!

Bathroom Renovation Image

When I moved into our old flat the bathroom was drab; a dark green colour that was dull and uninteresting and made our whole bathroom look drab. We transformed our bathroom into a bright and airy space and recently while renovating our house we have used some of the same principles that we did in our bathroom; keeping the colours light to give the rooms a bright and airy feel was really important to me.

Our bathroom renovation took our plumber just over three weeks; that including building a little wall so that the toilet and bath were completely separated.

Previously as you can see in the pictures the bathroom had a rather garish green colour scheme and it really wasn’t to my taste.  I decided to go for timeless, muted white tiles; that way when I wanted to change the look and feel of the bathroom I only had to change the towels, bath mats, a new bathroom mirror and a few accessories.  For the flooring I decided to go for a vinyl that had a wooden floor effect as this was a lot cheaper than having wooden flooring laid in the bathroom and also I felt that with it being vinyl it would be a bit less susceptible to mould and a lot easier to keep clean.


All of the old bath suite were removed and replaced and we had all the tiles removed and replaced too.  We had the shower moved from the centre of the bath to a new position on the new wall.

It just made a lot more sense to have the shower on that wall as it gave us a bit more space whilst in the shower  and made it convenient for hanging a proper shower screen rather than just using a curtain.

I was really happy with the outcome of our bathroom that we renovated.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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