[AD] The Benefits of “Ride on” Toys for Children

So-called Ride on toys are small push, pedal or motor-powered vehicles that toddlers and young children can ride around the house. They come is many forms, like a Ride on tractor if you have a budding farmer in your midst, ride on dinosaurs, or the more classic Ride on cars

Benefits of Ride on Toys

Ride on toys can offer months, if not years, worth of entertainment for your child. Children simply cannot get enough of patrolling the house or park in their snazzy vehicle. Thanks to their popularity, many kids own a ride-on toy, so they can be a great way to get your little one to socialise but letting them roam around, especially if you live on a quiet street or cul-de-sac. However, the benefit of ride-on toys doesn’t simply lie with the fun.

Psychologists believe that toys such as these encourage the development of children’s spatial intelligence, motor skills and cognitive ability through the use steering wheels, pedal, handlebars and other equipment as they navigate inside the house or with their friends outside. Pedal-powered ride-on toys also provide a great exercise for children, and help strengthen their still-developing leg muscles.

As mentioned before, these toys are a great way to provide children with the opportunity to develop their social and language skills. In addition, children acquire a sense of independence from operating these toys which will tremendously boost their confidence and help them throughout their young life.

What types of ride-on toys are there?

There are many different types of ride-on toys, and depending on the age of your child you might want to consider one of the following:

  • Push/pull-powered: A child simply uses their feet, much like in The Flintstones, to move the vehicle.
  • Pedal-powered: Like bicycles, the toy is powered by foot pedalling action.
  • Electricity-powered: This is a battery powered ride-on which can be recharged using a wall outlet.
  • Petrol/diesel-powered: These are limited to larger vehicles for older kids, such as Go-Karts and ATVs.

Choosing a ride-on toy for your child

Deciding on a ride on toy for your child can prove to be a confusing affair. However, our guide below will be able to help you navigate the myriad of choices quicker and more efficiently.

  1. Theme: Choose a ride on toy that matches the interest of your son or daughter. Do they like any specific cartoon character? Are they intrigued by any particular vehicle? Use their interest to guide you.
  2. Size: How big is your house? How wide are the corridors? Is there space on your lawn or driveway for them to play? How frequently do you take them to the park? Can the toy fit in your car? Balance these factors to determine the most optimal size vehicle for your needs.
  3. Balance: Children tend to sit up and down and rock around when they are excited. When you factor in the fact that their ride on toys will be moving at a slight speed, balance becomes an important criterion as you don’t want the toy to topple over.
  4. Push, Pedal or Electricity-Powered: Electricity-powered vehicles are usually faster and heavier. Is your kid able to manoeuvre the vehicle comfortably? While pedals might appeal to you, is your child strong enough to operate the pedal? Or are they at an age where using their own feet to push the car a more logical solution?
  5. Cost Factor: Branded designs, such as those involving character from TV shows or movie, will cost a little more owing to licensing cost.

On a last note, even if your child can operate their Ride on toys independently, they should always be under adult supervision. Children are still learning about the world around them, and accidents can happen any time.

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