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What is Benidorm like for families? Is it suitable?

As a couple we visited Benidorm a few times. We enjoyed the live music acts in the evenings and lazing by the pool/doing the hotel activities in the day. It suited us at the time. When it came to choosing our first family holiday it had a lot going for it. The flight is short which meant less time to try and entertain a toddler on the plane. It is fairly cheap & we knew it really well so that familiarity gave us a sense of confidence. We also knew the weather would be a lot better than the UK and that meant we didn’t have to pack as much.

We are really pleased we chose Benidorm for our first family holiday abroad we had the most amazing week full of swimming, dancing and eating ice creams.

We booked our holiday in Benidorm with and stayed at the fabulous 3* Sol Pelicanos Ocas, you may recognise the hotel as its swimming pool is featured in the ITV Series Benidorm. We were lucky enough to catch them filming while we were there. The hotel is brilliant for kids; it has 5 swimming pools, 2 of which are toddler pools, it runs a daily mini club programme for the over 5’s (younger children can join in if accompanied by an adult) and every night there is a mini disco before the evening show.  The hotel has a flinstone theme; there is a flinstone themed park, a flinstone themed restaurant and a character from the show visits the mini club everyday!

In terms of Benidorm itself, gone are the days when it was a run down part of Spain overrun with drunken Brits; yes there is the odd stag and hen group that you will bump into in the evening if you visit the strip but if your a family staying in a family hotel such as the Sol Pelicanos then it hopefully would be less of an issue. It did however spoil the promenade walk by the sea for me as all you would hear is loud pumping music and crowds of drunk people (even in the day!). On the beach it was less of an issue due to the distance involved but it did still give a background noise. This didn’t affect us much as we usually stay by the pool in the day anyway but I did miss my evening sea front peaceful strolls!

Benidorm has had a lot of investment in the past few years and this is evident with brand new architecture, new hotels and restaurants. It has amazing golden sandy beaches (equipped with free outdoor gyms if you like that sort of thing!). It has plenty of places to eat and stop for ice creams.

Benidorm is also host to Mundomar, famous for their amazing dolphin shows, sea lion shows and parrot shows

At an average cost of £1200 for a week, including flights and B&B, for a family of 3 can you afford to ignore this Spanish treasure?!

Don’t delay visit today!
To view more photos of our holiday in Benidorm photos follow me on Instagram @happymummyblogs

  1. Great post Benidorm has a lot to offer for families, it’s a good fit a budget holiday.
    I took my children & my first born grandson now they return to Benidorm each year along with a new family member each time ?

  2. Oh wow, I can’t believe you stayed at the hotel where Benidorrm was filmed! Sounds like a fab place, and has really changed; I went there about twenty years ago and it was very different to now. Makes me want another hols #HMCapturingMoments

  3. Looks amazing. I long to go on holiday, I miss the sun and spending time with my family. It’s going to be a long time until we go away again so I’m a bit jealous reading about your holiday.


  4. Benidorm is a lovely place. My mother in law used to live about 40 minutes drive away so we often used to take a trip there. Really glad you had a fab holiday in what looked like a great hotel. Thanks for sharing x #HMcapturingmoments

  5. It’s somewhere I really fancy trying as I bet there is lots going on. Need to convince hubby though as he has preconceived notions of it being too noisy and busy. Will work on him! #hmcapturingmonents

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  9. I am so glad I cam across your blog. We are going to this exact same hotel in just less than two weeks.
    I read a lot about Benidorm being a party town but after reading your review I am glad it’s not anymore.
    I am really looking forward to it now. It’s our first summer holiday.

  10. Looks like a fab holiday – we have yet to venture abroad with both kids yet but next year I think we will. What a great place Benidorm looks for family holidays #Puddinglove

  11. I love that you stayed in the hotel where they film Benidorm – I absolutely love that show, it’s so funny! Sounds like you had a magic time. One for my list I think! #fortheloveofBLOG x

  12. We had an amazing time, I know what you mean we all miss our holiday!! I loved looking at your daily updates via Instagram when you were away your pics were fab x

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