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Best Christmas / Birthday Present


The theme for day 6 is the best Christmas and Birthday present you have been given.

My best birthday present comes from 2010; it was a big birthday for me as I turned 30.  A few days before my birthday Mr H told me that I needed to pack a bag and make sure I packed for the sun, those who know Mr H will know he is a big wind up merchant, so part of me thought it was a bluff and part of me thought he was serious; I took the approach I use when looking at the weather report and went for the option that looked the best! I went shopping for some summer bits and hoped for the best!

Amazingly the next day Mr H told me that we needed to pack as we were leaving for ‘somewhere sunny’ at 3:30am.  I asked several times where we were going, but there was no way he was letting that surprise out of the bag just yet!

We arrived at Stansted airport and he checked us in at the desk, asking the check in lady not to tell me where we were going; it was one of those one check in desk for 20 odd flights jobbies, so there was no information on the tv screen above that gave the game away!

Next it was through security where the man was told; “Here’s our boarding passes, don’t say where we are going, it’s a surprise!”.  How he managed to keep it a secret this far was romantic, baffling and very impressive!

Once through security we sat down for breakfast and it was then that I took my first glimpse at the flight departures board; we were there so early that we had to be on one of the first few flights out; however there were about 20 departing within a 20 minute period so again I had no clue!

I was so excited I was fit to burst, but still Mr H would not give the final destination away.  I went into the shop to buy a water and snacks  (as I do ritually before every flight – in case, god forbid, I boarded one of those flights that you hear about on the front pages where people are stuck on the tarmac for hours and they run out of drinks and snacks!).  If your thinking I am quite prepared and would make a good girl guide then no; I was nicknamed “Mouthy Maria” and thrown out after week 1, but that’s another story!

Finally we arrived at the boarding gate and I see that we are going to Alicante; I was so excited to be heading off to Portugal! Yes Alicante is Spain but in my morning haze of lack of sleep and adrenaline geography seemed to go right out of the window.  Mr H was quite content to let me jump up and down with excitement in the boarding queue full of people who knew they were going to Spain saying into his on cameraphone how I was excited to be going to Portugal. It was only as we were preparing to land that I realised we were going to Spain!

I was so excited as once I realised Alicante was Spain I knew we would be heading to Benidorm; we had been avid fans of the tv show.  We had a lovely few days in Benidorm staying in a 5* hotel with a spa, visiting Mundomar and watching all the shows.

The best Christmas present ever also goes to Mr H, who very romantically proposed at home via PowerPoint on Christmas Day morning with my favourite song playing in the background.  My ring is beautiful, the propopsal was so romantic and I think you will all agree I am a very lucky lady!


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