Blogtober 16 | Day 3

The Blogtober 16 question for Day 3 relates to what you do if you won the lottery. I have to say nothing infuriates me more than a lottery winner coming out of Camelot HQ saying “It won’t change my life”. It should change your life; that is the whole point of it!

I am extremely lucky in my life; I have a wonderful husband and the most captivating, engaging, funny, cute adorable little girl! I have an amazing, if not slightly crazy family, that is huge (Mr H always says I have a family the size of Epping Forest!) I live in a beautiful home (not huge, but perfectly adequate for our needs!). So you see in some ways I already have won the lottery; but despite all this a lottery win would change my life and here’s how:

1. I would no longer need to work & would be able to be a stay at home mum for Miss H

2. We would be able to afford luxury holidays

3. We could buy a second car and upgrade our first car; no sod it I’m a lotto winner lets hire a chauffeur and buy a plane instead!

4. Mr H could buy that long dreamed of Season Ticket to The Arsenal – quick Mr H print this while you have it in black & white just in case 😉

5. I wouldn’t have to cook, clean or do the ironing!

6. We would be able to send Miss H to private school (Haha gotcha there Mum – no I wouldn’t, I think the state education system is brilliant; those who want to learn do!)

7. Miss H would have everything she ever wants (no hang on she gets that anyway!)

8. I would buy a boat; can I drive or steer one, no, but that doesn’t really matter, I like boats and would be loaded!

These are all material though; the one thing money cannot buy is what I already have and for that I am grateful 🙂

What would be the first thing you bought if you won the lottery? Would you tell people if you won?

  1. Loving the list of things you would buy, I would definitely invest in a chauffeur so I wouldn’t have to do so many school runs!

  2. I love your take on this post title – it is wonderful that you are grateful for the blessings in your life that money can’t buy. Although I’d love never to clean again and to be driven around.

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