Share a secret…

Day 4 is trying to catch me out I am sure of it…”Share a secret about yourself?”

I don’t have a secret; if I did I certainly wouldn’t be sharing it! So that leaves me in a tricky spot….what do I write today!

I am going to go with a list of 3 Things you may not know about me (See what I did there?! There is a career in politics for me yet :))

1. I act and co-own Murder Productions with Mr H
2. I have a level 6 certificate in Ice Skating (It looked a bit tricky after that – the lifts kicked in so I wimped out!)
3. I have just started going to a Ballroom & Latin Dancing Class

So there you go, no secrets, but 3 things you may not have known!

  1. I’ve done something similar to this and shared things not everyone knows! Some impressive things here though, I can’t ice skate at all!

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