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Book Craft Day #3 | Jack & The Beanstalk

Book Craft

I decided to read Jack & The Beanstalk to Lily for our Book Craft Day #3.  I thought that the original story could be a little scary in places for Miss H so I decided to try this first fairytales version from Ladybird.

The lovely thing about this version is that it has been modified to be suitable for the younger reader.  The essence of the story remains though, with Jacks’ mother being angry when he swaps his cow for some magic beans & then heads off on a big adventure.

Miss H was facinated by the idea of a beanstalk as I knew she would be!  So she was delighted when I told her we would make a beanstalk! I wanted Miss H to be able to watch the beans grow fully, so we grew them in a clear plastic cup!

As you can see our beanstalks are doing very well – they have been growing now for 3 weeks! Tomorrow we are going to transfer them from the cup to the garden, fingers crossed that goes well!

To grow your own beanstalk you need:

  • A clear plastic cup
  • Beans
  • Kitchen Roll

It’s so simple that even we managed to grow one! You just soak the kitchen roll in water then put the kitchen roll in the cup and then put the beans in around the outside (that way the children can see the roots growing one way and the beanstalk growing the other!).

We sprinkled the kitchen roll with water everyday and made sure we left the cup on a sunny shelf.  It really couldn’t have been easier! If you do decide to grow your own beanstalks then don’t forget to tweet or Instagram us your photos.

Next we decided to paint a plant pot so that is all ready to transfer our beanstalk into!

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  1. Another fantastic idea! I love the idea of growing the Beanstalk we have the Billy Goat’s Gruff version of this series of books and they’re really good. Thanks for linking up to #kidslovetoread

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