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Braughing Fair & Wheelbarrow Race

Braughing Fair & Wheelbarrow Race

Braughing Fair & Wheelbarrow Race:

We were invited to Braughing Fair in Hertfordshire this weekend as part of my mother in laws 60th birthday celebrations. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was definitely pleasantly surprised; we all were.  The fair itself was excellent and really big; not a fair as in fun fair more a fair as in a collection of local charities raising my money by having stalls and tombolas and hook a duck style games; they were a couple of small rides and a bouncy castle and there were a few fair type games i.e. land 3 darts on a card to win etc.

The wheelbarrow race was hilarious, the competitors were in pairs and were racing against other teams; they start off the race by having a pint in each of the local pubs then they swim through water and down a pint then run uphill (against an avalanche of water provided by the local fire brigades hose!!) it was like watching the I’m a celebrity end challenge.

As for the wheelbarrows themselves some people had really gone to town decorating them; I saw everything from Dr Who to Batman.

A fun family day out was had by all!

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  1. This looks like such a great day out and the wheelbarrow race looks like great fun! x

  2. Yes they really went to town; the batman one was brilliant too but the zoomed past far to quick for a pic! X

  3. Yes it really is brilliant to see community things there aren’t enough of them these days x

  4. I love going to events like this. It’s great to see the community come together and it’s great for kids. Looks like you got a good day for it. Thanks for #citytripping

  5. Now this is England! Love it, especially the Tardis wheelbarrow.

  6. Yes you can’t beat a good old fashioned British day out! X

  7. OMG that looks like it would be hysterically funny to watch this! When I lived in Montana, we had something similar in February. We would head to this tiny hidden town in the mountains that had a large, steep hill which was covered in ice. They had to make their own sleds and head down the hill. It was so funny to watch! #CityTripping

  8. It was really good fun! It did look very tiring for those doing it x

  9. That looks brilliant – and tiring! I love the Tardis #LivingArrows

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