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[AD] Buff Multi Functional Head Wear Review


Let me first begin by explaining what a Buff is; its a multi functional seamless tube of micofiber which has the ingenious ability to help you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are various styles and types of Buff and believe me, once you have tried one you will want them all and in every colour!

Take a look at the video below to see the many ways you can wear a Buff:

I put my Buff on today after unpacking my holiday case and have literally not taken it off since! We were walking around outside and it was a little nippy so I was wearing it as a scarf, we then went inside the Skyline Pavlion at Butlins and it was really warm, so I very quickly turned the Buff into a bandana to keep me cool; the clever material wicks away any sweat! This evening we went to the evening show and I wore the Buff around my wrist as a sweatband, during the show I wanted to tie my hair up, so I re positioned it to use it as a hairband! I cannot believe one product can do so many things! I cannot recommend the Buff highly enough!

Buff is something for the whole family too; my husband is already a Buff addict and is very rarely seen without his these days. My daughter (at just 2) has also been won over by our Buff trial; she has worn her new frozen Buff as a neckscarf since we unpacked using it as a scarf outside and as a bandana in the skyline pavilion!

As we enter autumn we are lucky enough to be testing out the knitted range; it was very much needed on a blustery beach! The range is beautiful and the fabrics are amazing! I had a gorgeous knitted hat (partly lined with a lovely soft cosy material!), Miss H has a frozen hat to match her frozen Buff (also lined and cosy!), Mr H has a microfibre hat and it’s very comfy 🙂



Disclaimer: We were given our products free to review; nonetheless the opinions contained in this post are honest.


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