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Catching The Bus | An Epic Tale!

Me and Lily

This is one of those moments that could only happen to me!

I have been getting the bus to work  for about 2 months.  My usual route is a bus to town then about a half a mile walk to work from there. There was some lovely weather in September, but recently it’s been either howling wind, rain or bitter cold.

Thursday, I sat on the bus as usual, approaching the town I prepared to get off (with Miss H as she does 90% of my commute with me!).  As we were getting off this happened:

Passenger A: Excuse me driver “Do you go to XX Road?”

At this point my ears pricked up as that’s where I was heading!

Driver: YES!

Me: What?? How?? The bus says Town on the sign when I get on!

Driver: Yes, then as soon as I get to Town I change the destination to XYZ.

How, How, How? How did I not know this? To think I have walked through all sorts of inclement weather with a toddler in tow when I could’ve been sat on a nice warm bus!

Well this is where it gets really funny, because I got all lairy on Friday, “I don’t need the pram now as the bus takes me from door to door”. I have been waiting to drop the pram on this journey for so long because if there are already 2 peaks on the bus when it gets to me they won’t let me on, admittedly this has only happened once, but it’s always at the back of your mind!

So, here I am feeling great, no pram and get all the way to work without a hitch!

Then, it happens, I try and get home!  I get to the bus stop with toddler in tow and no pram and we wait, we wait and we wait some more.  It was 20 minutes before the bus showed up, by which point my emergency supply of keep the toddler quiet food had long diminished! But hey hi, we’re on the bus now so ally’s well right?

No, not at all. The bus, because it’s running late, terminates at the town! I am now stranded in the town, with no pram, no cash and a very tired toddler from nursery! At this point I gave up, walked to cash point got some money & jumped in a black taxi! When we got home Miss H said “Mum, I prefer the taxi lets do that next time”. I WISH!

The moral of the story always ask where the bus goes & always take the pram!

I’ve linked up to The Ordinary Moments with Mummy Daddy Me.

  1. My kids wish we would get the bus more often- they’re bus mad! But I’m with you- they’re so unreliable! #HMcapturingmoments

  2. Oh no! I find buses so unreliable! I used to catch them all the time. My little one gets really travel sick on them though, so we don’t use them anymore! #HMCapturingMoments

  3. Mummy I prefer the taxi, love it! If only we could all jump in a taxi every day x #HMcapturingmoments

  4. I really need to use the bus more. My son is always asking to go on a bus or a train! But as you say, they can be late and that’s why I opt to jump in my car. One day I think I will just hop on a bus and go round and round town to entertain him! #HMcapturingmoments

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