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[AD] Celeb Mum Michelle Heaton | Top Tips for Keeping Kid’s Food Fresh and Healthy

Michelle Heaton

Michelle Heaton’s top tips for keeping kid’s food fresh and healthy.

Credit:  Michelle Heaton and other VIP guests attend Beko Tea Party in Chiswick

I’m always trying to make sure me and the kids get our five a day in, it’s not always easy with the children though! Here are my top tips for keeping your meals fresh and healthy.

1. Make food fun, whether you’re cutting vegetables into silly shapes, or making a smiley face out of chopped up strawberries, kids are much more likely to get involved if they like the look of it.

2. Listen to your kids, if they don’t want to try something just say ok and move on. Making a big deal about trying something new just causes you both stress.

3. We try and lead by example, we’re both very active and like to eat as healthily as we can. The hope is that our kids will see us enjoying our meals and adopt a good attitude to food themselves.

4. I try and make sure I only give them really fresh fruit and vegetables, especially if you are just about to introduce them to something new. They are far more likely to try a fresh yellow banana and enjoy it over a mushy over-ripe one.

5. Beko’s EverFresh+ technology really appeals to me, because it helps you keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to thirty days. That means I don’t have to dash out to the shops if I suddenly need a fresh ingredient for a pasta sauce or salad.


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