Earning Through Blogging – My Journey So Far!

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When I set up my blog in 2013 I never imagined that it would eventually become something that could provide me with a regular monthly income.  I am slowly starting to realise that blogging has a huge earning potential; it is definitely something I’d recommend, but when starting out make sure you blog about something you are passionate about as you will spend many hours on it every week.

Earning through blogging isn’t just about the actual physical cash you receive.  We have received lots of products to review (usually I contact a PR company and discuss working with them and all the details are ironed out they usually send a review sample out for next day delivery.  Last year we reviewed quite a few Christmas presents for our Christmas Gift Guides and we were then able to give them to Lily for Christmas.  This meant that we were able to give Lily some beautiful newly released toys such as the Baby Annabel interactive doll & Baby Annabel sister doll.

We also get offered a lot of press trips and review stays in exchange for blog posts.  We love to travel and enjoy day out so I love doing these.  I really enjoy being able to tell people about really exciting & interesting places that we find. I also really love making little Vlogs of our days out and holidays as these are memories that we can treasure forever.

If blogging is something that you are interested in taking up then I recommend taking a lot at the YouBabyMeMummy website and YouTube channel as Aby has lots of wonderful advice for beginners.  I genuinely feel that following Aby’s advice has helped me take me blog to new heights.  Before taking some of Aby’s courses I had earned £75 in 6 months – that was it!  Now, I am at a point where I am regularly able to bring in over £500 per month (sometimes more).  My target is not only to keep increasing the earning but also to keep increasing the quality and quantity of posts to keep my audience entertained; I started blogging as a way of documenting our lives, not earning money, and I hope that by documenting our lives it helps to motivate or inspire others.


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