Family Fun at Whipsnade Zoo!

Today we had a brilliant day at Whipsnade Zoo.  I would highly recommend this place; it is very well laid out, you literally walk round in a huge circle – no darting backwards and forwards every 2 minutes (other than chasing a toddler but Whipsnade can’t do much about that!).  You are never far from a cafe or toilets (very important when out when with a young Child!!).

The entry price was£56 for 2 Adults and a 2 year (Under 3’s are Free so take advantage while you can if you have a younger toddler!).  The entry price included a 10% donation and a £5 guide so you could make it cheaper.

The animals were all so well kept and we had such great fun, we watched a sealion show, watched a baby elephant chase what we think was a rabbit (although they didnt look like them close up!), saw the majestic and graceful Giraffes and watched an elephant walk, where they literally walk round the site trunk to tail with the keepers (unfortunately we were too far away to get a good pic!).

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