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[AD] Family Fun In Phoenix This Summer


Summer in Arizona is always an adventure. This state is one of the hottest in the USA and it can be a perfect getaway for the whole family during the warmer months of the year. Phoenix in particular is a great place to take the whole family and you can have lots of great times together in this area of the world.

Pool time

In Phoenix there are a plethora of amazing resorts and pools which will be perfect for your children to play around and for you to cool off during the height of summer. Phoenix Airport Marriott is one of the great hotels in the area which has an outdoor pool perfect for the whole family, and it is close to the airport for convenience.

Arizona Science Center

If you want to get away from the beating heat of the sun for a while and enjoy an air conditioned space, you can take a trip to the science Center which resides in the heart of Phoenix. Inside the Center you and the kids will be able to enjoy learning about different aspects of science and even taking part in the interactive displays. You can crawl through a huge digestive system, have a race in a wheelchair and lie on a bed of nails if you are brave enough! It can be a fun trip for the whole family and your kids will get the added benefit of learning about different aspects of science.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Phoenix is a place which is full of activities tailored to children, and The Children’s Museum of Phoenix demonstrates just that. It is a hugely popular attraction for tourists and even the locals. It is like the ultimate playground for children and it has rave reviews. If you are looking for an activity to keep the kids occupied for the day and to give you a little peace and quiet, it’s the ideal place to go!

Phoenix Zoo

Children love animals, and so do we. The zoo is a classic activity to take your kids to because it allows them to get up close and personal with some of the most stunning creatures in the world. The Phoenix zoo has a huge range of animals and pets which are native to Arizona as well as some more exotic breeds. You will even be able to ride a Camel during your visit!

Desert Botanical Center

One of the most unique things about Arizona is the desert which spans a huge area of the landscape. The Arizona desert is filled to the brim with unique plants and wildlife who thrive in these harsh conditions, and you can see a slice of this yourself by taking a visit to the desert botanical garden. Here you will be able to see a plethora of cacti, succulents and other exotic plants which will look alien to you and the kids. It can be a great way to spend a day in the sunshine and see something unique.


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