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[AD] Our family road trip CDs / Family road trip playlist

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We travel regularly and have a lot of long car journeys. We like to pass some of the time we spend travelling by singing along to our favourite CDs.  We all have quite an eclectic musical taste and there are a few CDs which seem to keep everyone happy.

Here are our top 5 CDs for a family road trip:

  1.  Bon Jovi 

    This is one of my favourite all-time albums and I recently put it in the car. It didn’t take very long for Lily to learn some of the words and she absolutely loves singing along to livin’ on a prayer.

  2. Mamma Mia Soundtrack

    I watched Mamma Mia with Lily and she absolutely loved the characters and all the singing and dancing. Lily loved the music so much that we bought the soundtrack for the car.   Its a great CD and something we can all sing along to.

  3. Disney Soundtrack

    No family playlist would be complete without Disney!  We love all the Disney classics and there’s nothing Lily & I enjoy more than singing along to Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.

  4. Classical Music

    We have a classical music CD in the car and this is great for when Lily starts getting a little bit tired on a long journey.  The combination of the movement of the car and the relaxing music always sends Lily into a lovely deep sleep!

  5. Justin Bieber

    Lastly, it would have to be Despacito!  This has song reminds all three of us of our summer holiday in Majorca this year and we all love singing along to bit of Bieber.

This is our carpool karaoke playlist!  What is your family road trip playlist? What albums or songs do you love to listen to and sing along to in the car?

Disclosure: This post is written in Collaboration with HMV.


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