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Favourite Movies I Never Tire of Watching!


I am very seasonal with movies!

Spring to Summer I watch Mama Mia wonderful, uplifting, sing along film based on the music of Abba. Β I never tire of this film and nor does my 2 year old – she loves the music so much we bought the Mama Mia soundtrack cd for the car!

Autumn and Winter (excluding December) I watch The Holiday – its a wonderful snowy, cosy film that makes you glad your inside in the warm with a hot drink!

December is the time for Christmas films and I love watching Miracle on 34th Street; I watch it loads throughout December & watch it every Christmas Eve as well. Β It’s a truly magical Christmas film.

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  1. I love The Holiday and also Miracle on 34th Street… If I’m being honest, I kind of want to delve in to those kinds of films already!

    Whilst I love watching new to me films, comfort films that I return to time and time again are just that more special to me.

  2. I’ve got Mamma Mia on my list. I love Christmas films at Christmas time (Although I have been known to watch them in summer just to be a rebel!) As soon as December arrives I’m switching over to Christmas 24 and watching one corny movie after another. #blogtober16

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