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[AD] Fun Easter Cards To Make At Home!


We are official Bostik Bloggers, which means every month we are given a theme and a box of essential craft goodies to make something fun and creative with. Easter is just around the corner so that was the theme for the month. We received a Bostik fine and wide clear glue and some Bostik Blu Tac along with card, paper, stickers and felts.

How to make an Easter Card:

You will need:

Plain Card
Bostik Blu Tac
Bostik Fine and Wide Clear Glue
Egg Shapes
Easter Chick

  1. Take some card:

2) Add some flower stickers:

3) Using the Bostik Blu Tac add an easter chick to finish off the masterpiece:

We also had some fun with glue stick and made a beautiful decorated egg:


There is nothing like crafting to teach a toddler vital fine motor skills and give them an outlet for their expressive arts; those who follow me on Facebook will know that my toddler has a habit of expressing her art…

…yes that’s our sofa!


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