[AD] Getting Everyone Ready For Bonfire Night

In the colder weather, getting out and about as a family becomes a little more difficult. The days are shorter and quite a few attractions are shut or close earlier than they do in the warmer months. So, we always look forward to Bonfire Night. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an exciting evening together as a family. Provided you are well-prepared it is a great night out.


Warm clothes for everyone

Top of your list of must-have Bonfire Night items is a nice warm coat for each member of the family. Simply Be currently has around 380 different coats in stock, so it will not be too difficult to find one that is perfect for you. Shopping online will save you time and usually money too.

Hats, scarves and gloves

Even if you do not normally wear a hat, it is usually a good idea to do so for Bonfire Night. Most years, it is quite chilly and you are going to be spending an hour or two standing around, so you can easily end up feeling cold. Having a soft knit hat and gloves to put on when it gets very cold, will make all the difference.

These items are surprisingly easy to make yourself. You can find 50 hat, scarf and glove designs here, some of which do not require you to knit or even sew.

Warm boots

For Bonfire Night, boots are the best choice for everyone. If you wear trainers or shoes your ankles are going to feel uncomfortably cold. When you go shopping for them try to buy pairs that have reasonably thick soles. These will provide some much-needed insulation between your feet and the cold ground. It is also important to make sure that everyone is able to wear two pairs of socks.

Layer everyone up

Wearing layers is a proven way to stay warmer. So, make sure that everyone can fit a pair of leggings, jogging bottoms or tights on under their trousers or jeans.

Other essential items

It is a good idea to take a torch. Everyone, who has one, should carry their phones. Take the time to make sure that their batteries are fully charged. That way if anyone gets lost, you will be able to find each other quickly. If you feel it is appropriate to do so, install a GPS tracker on each phone. These days, some of them are accurate to within 3 meters. So, you literally can track down your kids when they lose sight of you in the field the Bonfire Night event is being held.

Buy your tickets in advance

If you are planning to attend a big event it might be wise to buy your tickets in advance. More and more event venues are allowing people to do this.

Plan to arrive early

On the night of the event, leave home a little earlier than you think you need to. It is best to allow a little extra time for traffic delays and for having to walk from the furthest point of the car park.
More ideas for fun family days and nights out

If you want to enjoy more days out with your family, I suggest that you read this section of the site, which I update regularly. There you will find some really great family day out suggestions.

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