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Why pregnant women should ALWAYS be offered a seat…

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I have just read an article about a Pregnant woman, named only as Lauren, who had to stand on a train for pretty much the whole of her 2 hours on her commute to work because none of her fellow passengers would give their seat up; despite her having a pregnancy  badge.

Now I can hear people who have or would’ve done the same justifying it in your head; she’s only pregnant, its not an illness…well here’s news pregnancy itself might not be an illness in itself, but in some it does cause an illness be that hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness), SPD (severe pelvic pain), high blood pressure and many many more.

I can hear you doubters again…”yes, but not all women get ill”.  No they don’t but most people DO suffer extreme fatigue and exhaustion in pregnancy; another reason you should give up your seat.

I cannot understand in 2016 how people can be so disrespectful of someone who is carrying another life; next time you are on a train or any other form of transport and a pregnant woman gets on, be the big person, do your good deed for the day and give her your seat, don’t wonder why it should be you when there are hundreds of others on the train; you don’t know what illnesses or disabilities your fellow passengers have (yes disabilities can be invisible – someone may seem fine and yet be disabled).  All you know is that you are fit, well and healthy and have just made a pregnant, exhausted woman stand – shame on you.

Lets get this shared and shared and shared, no pregnant woman should have to stand on public transport.

  1. I’m kind of two ways about this. I would have completely agreed before an experience I had a few years ago. I was on a train going to work and an obviously pregnant woman got on.
    I offered her my seat to be met with a death glare and told “I’m pregnant, not f***ing disabled”.
    I realise she was probably in the minority and most other pregnant women would have been grateful, but its kind of put me off doing it now.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Pregnancy is exhausting. Carrying extra weight in front of you makes standing for long periods of time extra hard work. No it’s not an illness, but neither is old age and we respect that older people may need a rest so why not pregnant women.

  3. I live in a busy city and everyone just ignores each other. Half the time someone doesn’t even hold the door open for the person directly behind them – give up a seat? I doubt many people would. I’m happy to say I would, and I know my husband would too, so I guess that counts for something. But the longer I live in a busy city the more I realize how selfish and insular a high percentage of people can be.

  4. 8 months pregnant. Wow. After carrying a 10 lb baby, with severe SPD, torn stomach muscles and more pregnancy niggles, I think I’d have had to sit on someones knee if nobody got up!! How rude! #tuesdaytreasures

  5. I’ve come across both extremes during pregnancy. On the whole though many have been very caring. #MaternityMondays

  6. My friend told me that when she was 8 months pregnant a man wouldn’t move his bag so she could sit down as well, its crazy, you wonder are they just not thinking or that ignorant! As for the driver that’s terrible!!

  7. It’s shocking but all too common I think. I live in Leeds and have frequently found that people will take up the entirety of bus shelter benches whilst simultenously ignoring you by not daring to look up from their phones as you balance your weight from one foot to another if there’s a long wait. Interestingly it’s always the same people who take up a seat with shopping so 2 people take up 4 seats! Saying that, I’ve had less than complimentary experiences with taxi drivers too – I get a taxi with a household monthly shop to make it easier, not for them to bemoan leaving their car to open the boot and then feel stupid asking them to help move the bags from the boot to the gate. I think the most annoying was a driver who completely missed where I was and my pick up point on the loop so he expected me to walk 10 minutes to find him rather than come back on himself and charged me waiting time!

  8. I think for most women they would prefer to have more time off with the baby than before the baby is born, I agree with you say though and in other countries maternity is enforced at a much earlier stage of pregnancy; for example France. The ideal would be

  9. In that news article, Lauren apparently asked the carriage if anyone Would stand up for her, and she was ‘met with silence’. One man said she should be at home and stop moaning. This i think raises a more interesting debate about pregnant women working. She is 8 months pregnant. Is there an attitude from some men (and women) that pregnant women should stop working earlier and stay at home? Should maternity leave be brought forward? Lauren should be offered flexible working hours in pregnancy by her employer so she could miss the morning rush hour. Did she ask about this? Did her employer respect it? Perhaps more interestingly, does Lauren want to go to work? Or does she have to (in which case she should be supported by her employer & society), or does she feel obliged to go to work as a modern working women, which is quite sad. Whatever the case, it is sickening that people do not respect her or value her job of bringing a new life into the world and value their right to sit more highly. Perhaps the rail network could enforce this somehow or just be less shambolic in the first place. For the cost of travel you think they would be able to put on more trains with more carriages, but that would probably put ticket prices up even further.

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