Gran Canaria Review – 5 Reasons to visit Gran Canaria!

Gran Canaria Sand Dunes

5 Reasons to visit Gran Canaria:

Gran Canaria Location:

Gran Canaria is the third largest Canary Island. It is located 130 miles off the coast of Africa and sits between Tenerife and Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria has hot and pleasant summers that stretch from June right through until October. The winters are warm with little rainfall; making Gran Canaria an ideal destination for summer or winter sun.

Gran Canaria has a variety of resorts to choose between from the upmarket and trendy beach resort Maspalomas, to the quieter and more secluded beach resort of San Augustin right through to the bustling town of Las Palmas.

The island has magnificent sand dunes which you can easily access from Maspalomas; be warned though the sand is quite hot and terrain is not easy to walk; we got only a few metres and Mike stumbled and fell down a ditch losing his hat!

Gran Canaria Family Friendly:

Gran Canaria has a quiet, peaceful & slow pace of life; this makes it the perfect retreat for a relaxing family break. There are many blue flag beaches on the Island. The locals are very welcome to families and children. I think the climate during the winter season is perfect younger children as it’s a little cooler and less intense than the highs of summer across Europe.

Gran Canaria Sports Activities:

If you enjoy sports and would love to include them in your holiday plans then I would definitely consider Gran Canaria. There are a variety of water sports available across the island and you will have lots to choose from including parasailing, jet skis, kayaking, kite surfing, surfing, scuba diving and sea trekking.
If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land you can choose from Jeep safari, camel riding, horse riding and bowling!

Travel To Gran Canaria:

We travelled to Gran Canaria from Stansted and the flight time was just over 4.5 hours. There are regular flights departing from the UK to Gran Canaria throughout the year; making it a perfect year round destination.

Gran Canaria Excursions:

There are many excursions available on the Island. We really enjoyed our trip to Palmitos Park where we decided to be intrepid explorers for the day! There is so much to see there; we particularly enjoyed the dolphin show and the monkeys. The monkeys were in mating season when we went and we’re doing the most fascinating calls of nature! The terrain is quite steep and hilly so bear this in mind before you go; it would be s good idea to take a pushchair for younger children.

We also loved our trips to the moonlight cinema; we went quite a few times during our stay. It was lovely, we had a double sofa with blankets and you could order snacks and drinks to your table while watching the film under the stars. A truly magical experience!

Gran Canaria is a beautiful destination with a laid back quiet feel; I would not hesitate to return and would thoroughly recommend it.  Why not book your own holiday to Gran Canaria.

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