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[AD] The Best Alternative Family Vacations

The Best Alternative Family Vacations

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Everyone loves a family vacation and in the UK you are spoilt for choice after all you don’t always have to go abroad for a great family vacation. You could enjoy the luxury and mobility of a caravan trip, go camping or explore one of the UK’s famous holiday parks.  We love a holiday park and have recently enjoyed an amazing trip to Butlins.

Before you decide between a caravan holiday park, and any other idea you’ve got floating about in your head, why not let me help? As a busy blogging mum, I’ve had my fair share of more unusual family holidays, and if you’re looking for a more unusual family vacation, these may be of help.

Take a Trip to London

If you’re searching for a holiday in the UK London probably isn’t your first pick. Many people from abroad come to visit London, but it probably doesn’t have the same allure for people who live elsewhere in the UK. It is a shame, because there’s a lot to see and do and it makes a great holiday destination for families.

All the famous London tourist attractions like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the Tower of London and many more are all great place you could easily spend the whole day! Plus there are plenty of accommodation choices available to suit all budgets.

A Caravan Park

A caravan holiday is something that many people either love or hate the idea of, but even if you hate the idea of staying in a caravan, put that aside and just give it a chance. A caravanning holiday as a real sense of adventure to it, and there’s likely a variety of different caravans available, so if you want a little more luxury it’s always available.

Often overlooking the beach and with a variety of different activities to tackle a caravan holiday is great for families who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. But there’s also the versatility and flexibility for you to enjoy the peace and quiet as well.


Camping is another holiday alternative that many people probably have a set idea about, it’s understandable if camping doesn’t appeal to you but if you but those worries aside it can be a lot of fun. And camping doesn’t have to just be you, your family and a tent it can be as luxurious as you like.

You’ll find lots of camping sites around the UK some may include equipment and some won’t or you might have the option to use your own. They’ll usually be lots of family activities and local attractions to check out as well and some holiday parks in the UK will also have onsite camping. It might not be for everyone but if you’re looking for an alternative family holiday, camping is a great choice.

Holiday Parks

There’s a great choice of holiday parks in the UK and they are fun for all the family! The great thing about holiday parks is that sometimes they mix and match with my other options as well, for example, some offer camping and caravanning as well.

Some holiday parks may specialise in certain activities like sports while some may offer a variety of different activities. So do a little research first and I’ am sure you’ll find a holiday park that is perfect for your family.


Take a Local Holiday

Sometimes you simply won’t have the time or money to go on a more traditional family holiday, but

do not worry that, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a family vacation.  Often referred to as staycations, these local holidays are all about exploring where you live or the surrounding area. Things like family days out at the: zoo, a museum, a theme park or an arcade is just some of the things you can do. Be creative, there’s probably lots of undiscovered treasures right on your doorstep.

The Best Alternative Family Vacations


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