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Flutterby the Knitted Butterfly: Second Book in Series Invites Kids Back to Knitted Kingdom, for Lifelong Lessons (and Loads of Fun!)

Following the roaring success of Rachel McRoy’s ‘Grandma’s knitted kingdom’, children across the country will be thrilled to hear that volume two is now on the shelves. ‘Flutterby the Knitted Butterfly´ opens up yet another thrilling adventure; one where lessons of independence, self-confidence and a thirst for learning ooze off every page.

In the summer of 2015, UK writer Rachel McRoy stormed the children’s literature scene with the release of ‘Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom’, a fun and rip-roaring volume that fused fantasy with magic, as a grandma knitted an entire kingdom for children to play in.

The volume was hailed a “delightful bedtime story”, and even inspired a few readers to see knitting in an entirely new light (or take up the hobby for the first time!). Almost three years later, McRoy is back with volume two in her enchanting series.

‘Flutterby the Knitted Butterfly’ retains all of the hallmarks McRoy has now become famous for, while offering young readers a new and engrossing adventure to get lost in.


Where has the lovely, loyal Flutterby gone? Explore further into the magical knitted kingdom with Ben the bumble bee overcoming obstacles as we search for our dear friend. A gentle way to introduce ideas of becoming more independent to your child in a safe, warm and comforting environment.

“In this book, we go back into the knitted kingdom to discover that our good friend, Flutterby, is missing,” explains the author. “The story’s moral is one that empowers children to find Flutterby themselves, developing vital independence, problem solving and initiative skills along the way. Ever wanted to discover how useful knitting a boat can be? Pick up a copy!”

Continuing, “I partnered with Katie Brookes for the illustrations, which continue the series’ brand, stunning imagery and create a world children won’t want to leave. There’s many more books to come, each with their own moral-rich adventures that will hopefully leave their mark on young readers for the rest of their lives.”

Again, readers have come out with glowing reviews. Rich Linville writes, “My grandchildren loved this colourfully illustrated, rhyming book and asked to read again and again. Many important lessons are included in this wonderful, imaginative adventure. Highly recommended.”

Another reader adds, “Very sweet and imaginative book. I feel it sends a positive message that if you keep trying you can overcome obstacles on your own.”

‘Flutterby the Knitted Butterfly’ is available now:

Purchase volume one, here:

About the Author:

Rachel McRoy was born in Salford, England, to hard working parents, grew up in Manchester, and spent some time in Dublin, Ireland. She works in a school as a financial controller. Her first book, “Grandma’s knitted kingdom,” is a children’s picture book written in Rhyme perfect for bedtime and has already received fantastic reviews.

About the Illustrator:

Katie Brookes was born and raised in Salford and is one of 10 children! She is very family oriented, recently married and passionate about art.

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