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[AD] How To Overcome Writers Block

How To Overcome Writers Block

How To Overcome Writers block

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it during our blogging lives. It’s something I’m currently going through. When I first set up my blog, Miracle Max, I had lots of ideas and eagerly drafted all my posts. One by one they were scheduled and before I knew it they’d all been published and I was out of ideas. I’d find myself staring at a blank screen for hours until my eyeballs hurt!

It’s like when a car has stalled. It’s easy to push once it’s started to roll. But the hard part is getting it to roll in the first place!

So with that in mind here’s some great ways to overcome the dreaded block:

• Collaborate with other bloggers – get in touch with them to see if they’d like to feature in a guest series on your blog. I’ve recently set up a series called ‘Getting to know you’ where I interview other bloggers. It’s a great way to get regular content and it’s always lovely to promote other people’s blogs on yours. You can also see if they’re interested in writing a joint post if you both blog about similar topics.

• Get out and about. Go for a walk, visit your local coffee shop, sit on a local bench and watch the world go by. It’s amazing what inspiration you might find just by leaving the house.

• Start anywhere – who says you need to write your story in order of how it will appear? If you know how it will end, then start there. I often find if I jot the ending down first then the beginning and middle sections just naturally flow.

• Don’t edit your story as you go. Just keep writing and go back to edit it afterwards. I find I get too distracted by making sure I have the punctuation right as I go along and this actually makes me lose my train of thought.

• Turn off the TV (my biggest distraction). It’s easy to get caught up in the latest episode of your favourite soap and before you know it an hour has passed, you’ve not written anything and your mind has gone blank.

• Set time aside to read other blogs. There are thousands out there and they can be a great source for finding inspiration. Almost any post can point you in the direction of a new idea.

• I initially aimed my blog around fertility due to my miscarriages and IVF, but I found that there were only so many posts I could write about this. So open your mind to writing about new topics – the world is your oyster.

• Jot down ideas as and when they come to you. You don’t need to sit and write the whole post immediately. So have a notebook to hand so you can make notes when you’re on the go.

• Go back over some of your old posts and tackle some of the topics you’ve written about previously. You can write a new post on the same topic, or update an old post and re- publish it.

Hopefully some of the above will come in handy for you the next time you’re experiencing a block. But if all else fails then close your laptop and don’t stress – tomorrow is another day!

Hope this helps!

Jo at Miracle Max



  1. I also used to dread writer’s block. Now, i have come up with a nice little plan which makes sure I always have ideas. Maybe I will also write a post on it and will tag you!

  2. I hate bloggers block! I’ve lost my blogging mojo a couple of times over the past 10 months. When I do I find that taking a break from the blog can really help, or thinking about why you set up your blog to begin with. Writing a post in one go is much better than not finishing it. I find it so much harder to get back into a half written post, and finish it. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  3. Good tips. I think getting away from it and having a break is a really important one and you’re right, inspiration can come from anywhere! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. Great tips! I also think don’t limit yourself. I have so many occasions now where once upon a time I would think ‘oh I can’t publish that!’ But now I just do it! #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. great tips here. Like you I found that by expanding the topics that I cover it has really helped not only find more things to write about, but has made me more invested in what I was writing. Not sure it’s helped me in the “niche” department though….#thelist

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