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GUEST POST: My 10 reasons for loving Cloth Nappies

Thank you to Naomi from for writing a Guest Post for me while I am away, over to you Naomi!

Me and cloth were certainly not immediate best friends. If you had asked me before I had my daughter whether I would be delving into the world of washable nappies the answer would have been a definitive, “no!’.

Well that soon changed. As you can probably guess, we didn’t start off with cloth nappies. The problem was, our daughter was allergic to disposables, so after being introduced to the true cloth nappy world by a friend who uses them, and doing a little research ourselves, we soon decided cloth was the way to go.

The big misconception is that cloth nappies are all like the Old-school terry towels with nappy pins. My immediate thought was that cloth involved a lot of folding and faffing, plus pre-soaking and of course washing. However, despite those styles still being available, cloth nappies are now a lot easier to use and have so much variety.

What You Need:

To start using cloth nappies regularly, you will need a minimum of twenty birth to potty nappies. If, like me, you prefer to use one size nappies, you will need at least twenty in each size. If you decide to go for fitted nappies, you will also need three waterproof wraps.

We chose to use a normal push lid plastic bin that could be easily swilled out under the shower if we needed to clean it. Some people prefer to use a nappy bucket, but these can be quite expensive.

Optional extras that you may decide to use alongside your Cloth nappies are:

• Nappy liners like the Little Lamb flushable paper liners, which make it easier to dispose of poo without the need to swill out the nappy.

• Booster pads which you can use for extra absorbency.

• Wet bag for when you are out and about, rather than using disposable nappy bags. These can be washed alongside your nappies.

Types of Cloth Nappy:

All in One Nappy: These are one of the easiest types of cloth nappy to use. They are usually slim fitting and come in birth-to-potty and sized options. The addition of adjustable poppers and velcro allows for the best fit.

Pocket Nappies: These are the style that I found worked best for us. You can use a variety of inserts from terry squares, prefolds and trifolds as well as the specially made boosters. These also come in birth-to-potty and sized options.

Fitted Nappies a.k.a. Two-Part Nappies: These nappies are quick and easy to use as they are – as the name suggests – fitted. They do need a wrap in order to contain moisture, but there is no need to wash the wrap every time, just simply rinse and wipe before putting it back around the fresh nappy. Flat Nappies: Terries and Prefolds: This is the nappy type that most people would think of when reusable nappies are mentioned. They are one of the cheapest options, are fast drying and the square design makes them suitable from birth-to-potty, fitting any sized baby.

Nappies We Used:

The brands we have so far used are Little Lamb, Tots Bots and Little Bloom (in conjunction with inserts from Little Lamb). We used a variety of types for different purposes as follows:

Day time – Little Lamb pocket nappies with a folding insert. Little Bloom Birth-to-potty (BTP) pocket nappies with a Little Lamb folding insert.

Night time – Little Lamb bamboo nappies with fleecy liner and bombproof wraps.

Travelling Long Distances – Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch & PeeNut Wrap

Washing Your Nappies:

This was the part that worried me the most. However it’s as simple as making sure each part of makes loose in the washing machine, with non-bio wash (we use Fairy) and popping it on a 60° wash. Easy!

My Top 10 Reasons for LOVING Cloth Nappies:

1. They are better for the environment. You wash them rather than bin them, meaning there is less nappies filling land-fills.

2. It’s as easy as, 1, 2, 3. Apart from the fact that you have to wash and dry them, cloth nappies are just as easy as using disposables.

3. There are so many options. Not only do nappies come in different brands, but there are multiple styles which all work well for different uses.

4. They can be plain or pretty. There is nothing nicer than seeing that cute little bum wrapped in a gorgeous cloth nappy.

5. They are comfortable. The proof of how comfortable cloth nappies are, is in how much better my daughter slept once we moved her out of disposables and into cloth.

6. They are nicer to baby’s bum. No chemicals, and a soft layer against baby’s bum make them so much better on that delicate baby skin.

7. It saves you money. The average spend on disposables is just under £2000. In total we have spent around £500 on the cloth stash we now have.

8. Less mess. As long as you use the correct size, and they are put on properly, cloth nappies do not leak!

9. Less smell. Even when sealed inside a nappy bag, disposables would still make the bin stink well before it needed emptying. With the regular washing of cloth nappies, there is no smelly bin to contend with.

10. They can be used again. This may seem like a stupid point as cloth nappies are, by nature, reusable. However it is my top reason for loving cloth.

Thank you Naomi for your great post! Don’t forget to check out Naomi’s Blog:


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