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We moved into our Forever Home 2 years this week and so far the only work we have had done is the addition of a BBQ area at the bottom of the garden. This year that will all change as we are about to undergo a huge home renovation project! We want to redecorate our bedroom, Lily’s bedroom, Lily’s playroom, the kitchen and the hallway. Lily has decided she wants a Beauty and The Beast Themed bedroom; so I have already been gathering accessories for that. Lily knows that she wants yellow walls and grey carpet. I can only wish to be that decisive! I find looking at all the jobs as a whole quite overwhelming so I have decided to break it down and look room by room! I think the hallway often gets overlooked when it comes to interior design but for me, it is one of the most important rooms in your home; it is one of the few that EVERY single visitor will see. Some visitors will go in the lounge only, some will maybe go in the kitchen and garden only in summer or some might come round for a play date and we will generally be upstairs in the playroom (and inevitably at some point where pre schoolers are involved they will visit the toilet). The only space I can guarantee everyone will see is the hallway and this was the one space I was tempted to overlook!

I have decided to have a browse for ideas for some stylish furniture, accessories and colour schemes. Here are my thoughts so far:

Hallway Colour Scheme:

I want a modern, clean, welcoming look that injects a little of our vibrant personalities into it too (I love the look of the modern grey colour schemes in other peoples homes, but I am not 100% sure that they would suit us a family as we are quite colourful and bold!  I could maybe use grey as a base and go for some bright & colourful accessories of course.  I love the look of white and it is so bright and airy, easy to update often by just changing accessories, but I am a little concerned at how practical white would be to keep clean with a pre schooler in residence and many little visitors!  If anyone has any ideas for colour schemes, feel free to leave them below – or even better tag me in a photo of your hallway for a bit of much needed inspo!

Hallway Furniture

I really wish my hallway was large enough for a beautiful piece of Hallway Furniture.  You know the type I mean either a large rattan storage box with cushions so it doubles up as shoe storage and a seat or a huge great Hallway stand.  We only have room for something a little more modest; I saw this hallway wall rack on the Lions Home website and really loved it!

Hallway Accessories

In terms of accessories, I would love a mixture of photos from our most memorable moments; I currently have lots of our wedding photos up in the Hallway and definitely want them to stay.  I would also like some prints and quotes and maybe something fun like a peg board.  A plant or two wouldn’t go a miss either!

As you can see, I have a lot to think about & no decisions made as yet – considering the size and scale of the project we are taking on this year I probably should be trying to pin myself down to some decisions!  I will be sure to add some photos of my hallway once the renovation is complete.

Maybe I should just go for some really Bold & Grand like this:

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